52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 19 #6 Back Lit

Several times a week I drive by a small lake that has several Cypress Trees growing right along its banks.  Cypress Trees are mostly grown in flood tolerant wetlands and grow in swamps, along river and lake banks. When they grow near water they produce protruding stumps known as knees.  Florida laws prohibit cutting or damaging the knees.

On this particular day I drove by and noticed the setting sun was casting a nice back light on the knees.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I drove home and returned in time to capture this image before the sun set lower behind the nearby buildings leaving them totally in the shade.




Week 17 #34 Reflections

Last weekend I joined a group at a rookery located in Venice, Florida for a workshop with Maxis Gamez a local bird and landscape photographer.  Fall and Winter are mating seasons here in Florida so birds are beginning to gather nesting materials.  Maxis instructed us on camera settings, lighting, distractions, angles, focusing and panning.  Focusing on a moving bird can be a challenge and I did hit the delete button for the majority of shots.  This shot of the Heron and reflections heading off for more nesting materials was one of a few keepers.



Week 49 #A4 Photographer’s Choice

A few weeks ago my photography group took a field trip to visit Florida Polytechnic University, near Lakeland FL.  The campus was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava and opened for classes in August, 2014.  The university’s Innovation, Science and Technology Building is an amazing ultra modern structure, an architectural photographers dream.  We were lucky to visit on a Saturday when classes were not in session which allowed our group to photograph the outside and inside the building.

When we arrived I was able to capture this shot with great reflections in one of the three man made ponds before the wind picked up later that morning.