52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 4 #4 Aged/Aging

Old photographs have always been of interest to me.  I am fortunate to have a number of old family photos and several hang in my home.  The black and white photos taken in the late 1880’s have turned yellow with age and unfortunately when I received them many have faded from exposure to bright light.

One photo that I particularly enjoy is an “Aged” photo taken by Photographer  J.R. Tewksbury of the SAM ATLEE Steamboat owned by my ancestors S. & J.C Atlee.  Father John Cox is my 3rd great grandfather and son Samuel my 3rd grand uncle.  They owned one of three large lumber mills in my home town Fort Madison, Iowa which lies along the Mississippi River.   The river along with the railroad has provided many citizens with well paying jobs since Fort Madison became and official city in 1838.  My 3rd great grandfather along with brother Isaac opened the mill around 1850.  Brother Isaac retired and John took on another partner in 1853 eventually buying him out to bring his son Samuel into the business.  The business prospered through the turn of the century.

Today the photo rests loosely in its original frame with only two nails, one original and one a replacement, to hold it in place.  I am grateful to have this small piece of my ancestry to remind me of times gone by.




Week 52 # A3 Old Photographic Effect

This is my final post for the 2016-2017 52 Week Photo Challenge.  I really enjoy this challenge because it keeps me constantly looking for new photo opportunities.  For my final photo I chose to enhance one I took on a recent trip to Minneapolis with an “Old Photographic Effect”.  The Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis crosses over the Mississippi River near Saint Anthony Falls, the only natural water fall on the 2,320 mile long river.  The bridge was built in 1883 by James J. Hill for the Great Northern Railway.  Today the bridge has been transformed into a major pedestrian and bicycle thoroughfare.  This photo shows an isolated area of the bridge with a smaller foot bridge that leads to a pathway along the river.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog every week.  My next post will be the beginning of another year full of more interesting and fun themes.