52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 26 #52 Zig Zag

I am a quilter and have enjoyed making numerous projects since the early 1980’s.  Boy is that dating me!  I have a fun bright table runner I made for our kitchen table last year.   While working on the computer one day last week I realized this theme had been staring me in the face for weeks.  I used a double zig zag stitch to quilt it.  Funny how the obvious choice had eluded me!




Week 25 #31 Outside Looking In

Tulips have begun to arrive in the floral shop tempting us with the anticipation of the warmer temperatures of Spring.  But, alas it is still January and here in Florida our temperatures have been unseasonable low hovering in the 50’s during the day and 30’s at night.  One of the tulips in a bouquet I purchased last week provided a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill the theme “Outside Looking In”.



Week 24 #29 On The Edge

I seem to have an affinity for choosing animals in this blog and my Mono blog this year.  I haven’t been out exploring and photographing much lately so I am drawing from past files.  I really must get out more!!

Last fall while at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa, I watched a young elephant approach a man made pond.  He/she is half in and half out “On The Edge” enjoying the spray of the small waterfall.



Week 23 #10 Dangerous

Floridians know alligators can be found in just about any area of standing water.  The odds are certainly in their favor with an estimated 1.3 million call Florida home.   I have seen them resting in culverts with barely a few inches of water and swimming freely in large lakes and ponds.  During the cooler days of Winter they like to lay along the banks of the water to warm up.  Like much of the country we are experiencing a cold snap, I awoke to 37 degrees this morning, so the alligators are out in full force.  As I write this, a young alligator is lying along the bank of the pond behind our property.  Earlier this month I saw a very large alligator out sunning for most of the day.  I took a few photos of him and planned to use one for this post, but to my surprise the next morning I looked out and saw two alligators almost the same size lying tail to tail.  Never have I witnessed two so close to each other.  One is dangerous but two is double the trouble!



Week 22 #A4 Something Huge

One family near our home set up a character blow up display several weeks before Christmas.  I knew our grandchildren would enjoy seeing them up close.  One afternoon after returning from an ice cream treat we stopped and captured three of the seven in front of the Huge Snowman.  For a size comparison, our grand daughter is a little over 5 feet tall.



Week 21 #16 Favorite Holiday

Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday.  As a child I can remember going through the JCPenny and Sears catalogues circling toys for Santa to bring me on Christmas morning.  Decorating the Christmas tree and house was always a joyous family filled time and I carried on the tradition with my children.  I have many photos of one of my children placing the angel on top of the tree.  My paternal grandmother while alive enjoyed making ceramic items and our family could always count on a new Christmas themed item to be including in our decorating.  One of my cherished Christmas decorations she gave me is this ceramic boot.  I have always filled it with candy canes for my children and now my grandchildren.



Week 20 #43 Starts With “O”

Often times when I am out on a photo shoot I keep in mind the 52 week Themes for this blog.  I fulfilled the “Part Of A Face” theme several weeks back while photographing the Orangutans at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa.  While searching my files for this week I had a “Duh” moment, Orangutan starts with “O”!  Another theme checked off the list. This baby is just too adorable, crazy hair and all.