52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 40 #29 Shot At 9:00 A.M.

First off, I have to admit this photo was not shot exactly at 9:00 A.M. so I guess I’m breaking the rules, but it was shot sometime before 10:00 A.M.!  I intended to get out early one morning and photograph my orchids on the lanai.  My bed was way too cozy that morning so I woke late.  After cleaning up and eating breakfast I was doomed, the clock showed 9:05 A.M.  So I thought, well I could put it off for another day or just go for it, so I did.  I had the morning shoot and then went back out in the afternoon when the light changed.  All and all a productive day and I did like the morning shot of the small orchid resting against the bunny.




Week 39 #22 Ordinary Objects

I have always been a big proponent of recycling.  Years ago before cities began curb side service I would collect our recycling and make a weekly trip to a drop off location.  Living in Iowa since I was a little girl we had a bottle tax law.  When you purchased pop, beer or other liquor, 5 cent per item was added to your bill.  I remember as a child walking around the neighborhood collecting bottles (cans weren’t as prevalent then) and taking them to redeem at the store to buy candy.  For years when I took my daily walks I would take plastic grocery bags along with me to pick up trash, cans and bottles.  I was always amazed that every day I could fill up sometimes 2 bags.  My neighbors knew me as the “trash lady”.  It became a regular joke with my husband how much money I made on my daily walks.

While traveling recently I read an article about a company in Seattle who has started a clothing line made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.  Their first hot item were women’s black leggings, selling for $25.  By the time the company gets in full swing with other products they estimate they will have diverted almost 7 million water bottles from land fills.  That number is staggering to me and that is just one town one company.

Another fact I was unaware of is how long it takes a plastic bottle to biodegrade.  The experts estimate it could take 450 years.  Yikes!  We Americans drink about 50 billion bottles of water every year but recycle only 23 % of that.  I haven’t gotten in the habit of using a reusable bottle for my drinking water and do purchase bottled water for use when I am away from home running errands etc.  I never leave home without one.  I do however, continue to be diligent in collecting the empties and adding them to the recycle bin for our weekly pickups.

I chose a few varieties and sizes of water bottles to highlight this weeks them “Ordinary Objects”.




Week 38 #17 Misplaced/Lost/Missing Pieces

This week I went to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota with a couple of friends to check out the the Marc Chagall special exhibit “Flowers, and the French Riviera: The Color of Dreams”. The exhibit in the Conservatory was amazing with an abundance of flowers, 4 transparent stained glass partitions and several constructed walls of houses complete with doors, windows and window boxes overflowing with fresh flowers.  I’m trying to decide what remaining themes I have that could be used to showcase the exhibit.

I did however spot an unusual door mat of all things when coming out of the Payne Mansion after viewing a display of the history of Marc Chagall.  The mat has many missing pieces that reveals the likeness of a dog.  You never know when you will spot something that will fulfill a weekly theme!



Week 37 #1 A Fairy Tale

I recently visited the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary a non-profit sanctuary for big cats, bears and other animals in need.  My photography group arranged a special behind the scenes shoot after the park closed.  25 of us lined up behind a chain link fence and watched with fascination as a handler worked with 3 different big cats.  Its a challenge to shoot through chain link fence but, I was rewarded with this image of a male lion in all his glory.  Looking over the list of remaining weekly challenge themes,  the first one “A Fairy Tale” reminded me of one of Aesop’s Fables “The Lion and The Mouse”.  When I was growing up we had several volumes of Aesop’s Fables and I can remember reading many of the fables on rainy stay inside days.   All fables have a moral and many of them involve animals.  If your not familiar with “The Lion and The Mouse” look it up it has a great moral, “Little friends may become great friends”.



Week 36 #27 Quaint and Quirky

My daughter and her family have been here this week for Spring Break from the cold in Minnesota.  Yesterday we headed to the Mote Marine Aquarium and an early dinner at a favorite spot on Anna Maria Island.  Along our route I spotted this man riding his motorcycle with this quaint and quirky helmet on.  To me its not so quaint but, it definitely is one of quirkiest things I have seen.   I’m sure its a dead coyote or fox skin, hopefully not from road kill!

I took the photo with my phone and it wasn’t the clearest photo I have ever taken, so I decided to play around with an artistic filter in Smart Photo Editor.




Week 35 #37 Stop Action

When I attended the Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions show which I wrote about in Week 31, the stallions put on quite a performance for us.   Several of the stallions were well trained in “Airs above the Ground”.  The capriole is a jump in place where the stallion leaps into the air, tucking his forelegs under himself and kicks out his hind legs at the top of the the jump.  This stallion did not disappoint the crowd and performed this amazing jump several times providing me a perfect photo for “stop action”.



Week 34 #20 Negative Space

My family has been vacationing on Sanibel Island, FL. since the late 1980’s.   Much of the island is home to the 5200 acre J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge that was  established in 1976 to protect the immense undeveloped mangroves.  The refuge is also well known for its migratory bird populations.  Birders “flock” to the area to witness multiple breeds that can change daily.  Recently a friend and I were up early two mornings to take it all in.  We were rewarded with quite a few different varieties and enjoyed the cool morning breezes, peaceful and quiet landscape.  One bird neither of us were familiar with was a Reddish Egret.  We watched with fascination at its unusual feeding behavior.  It ran through the shallow water with long strides, staggering sideways, leaping in the air, raising its wings then abruptly stabbed a fish.  Later one day while relaxing on the beach we saw another Reddish Egret along the gulf shoreline searching for fish.

Fast forward a couple days and there it was again dancing and searching for fish.  I captured this photo during a resting period leaving some negative space before it started to dance again across the water.