52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 13 #33 Part Of A Face/Head

The crisp fall weather has finally arrived here in Florida. Yesterday I spent part of the day enjoying the cool temperatures at the Tampa Lowry Zoo with a friend.  Our favorite place to begin our day was with the Bornean Orangutans.  We were provided with an extra special photo opportunity when a group of Tampa Quilters arrived with armfuls of quilts for all the primates at the zoo.  The Orangutans in particular enjoy covering themselves with a  blanket at different times of the day.  At one point we watched 3 adults and a baby reaching out to catch the quilts as they were tossed to them.  I captured this young female covering part of her face before swinging up to snuggle under the quilt on a high platform.




Week 12 #15 f/4 or Lower

Last weeks post featured a photo and information about the 2017 World Rowing Championship held in Sarasota, FL.  Events like this also have numerous vendors set up to sell just about anything you can think of related to rowing.  I was particularly interested in the displays of boats.  Years ago the row boats were made from wood and often hand made.  Today they are manufactured from composite reinforced plastic.  The average weight of a 27 foot boat is only 30 pounds.  I captured this f/4 shot of the interior of a single boat complete with shoes!



Week 11 #28 My First Visit To a Rowing Competition

In Sarasota, Florida, Nathan Benderson Parks, history began with the construction of Interstate 75 back in 1968-70.  Dirt removed to help build the Interstate left over a 400 acre lake.  Today the 600 acre park offers residents a 3 mile bike/walking trail around the lake, a playground, picnic area, fishing and a first class venue for Rowing Competitions.  In late September over 900 rowers from 69 countries arrived to participate in the 2017 World Rowing Championships.  I spent several hours with a friend one afternoon for “My First Visit To a Rowing Competition”.

I was impressed with this world class event and witnessed one race right after another. The award ceremonies were similar to the Olympics with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals complete with the playing of the winning competitors national anthem.

The winner of this male single event blew away all of the competitors crossing the finish line with ease.





Week 10 #49 Way Down Low

During Hurricane Irma I spent several days with my son and his family.  Sunday evening when the full force of the storm was upon us my granddaughter found a comfy spot “Way Down Low” to text her friends.  I had to get “Way Down Low” also, (which isn’t as easy these days!) to capture this photo of her.  She is such a sweetie and her bright smile during a tense evening added a moment of sunshine.



Week 9 #46 The Color Purple

Asters along with Mums in the nurseries signify fall is on the way.  They are one of the last perennial flowers to bloom in gardens and attract numerous bees and butterflies.  Asters come in various shades of blue, pink and purple, and are the Flower of the Month for September.  I stopped at the nursery today to buy some plants to spruce up my front porch and captured these Asters colored in a beautiful shade of purple.



Week 8 #5 Action Shot

Over Labor Day weekend my husband and I visited our daughter and her family in Minnesota.  Before moving to Minnesota they lived in Colorado and enjoyed all that mountain life had to offer.  They are an active family and decided to try joining a boat club on Lake Minnetonka.  Several times a month they head out for a fun afternoon exploring the lake.  Lake Minnetonka is a 14,500 acre lake located west of Minneapolis and is the 9th largest lake in the land of 10,000 lakes.  Its a popular spot because of its proximity to the city. Beautiful cottages and multi-million dollar homes line the shore line.  My grandkids love to hop on one of  large inner tubes available to rent and be pulled around at break neck speeds.  Amazingly they both hung on with smiles on their faces while I captured this Action Shot and NEVER fell off!



Week 7 #Seasonal Showers/Inclement Weather

Hurricane Irma hit Florida with a bang last weekend.  Lives were lost, many are still without power and sadly no house to go home to.  My heart is aching for my fellow Floridians for the loss and pain so many of them are going through.  I feel so fortunate that my home and neighbors only experienced minor tree damage.  The skies are crystal blue now with a scattering of clouds picture perfect, it’s so hard to believe only days ago we were all hunkered down while Irma unleashed her fury.

While driving in my development I found a very large oak tree blown over from the high winds.  Sadly a perfect photo op to fulfill the Seasonal Showers/Inclement Weather theme.