52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 44 #44 Still Life

I attended my nephews wedding over the weekend in Kansas City and had a wonderful time reconnecting with family and meeting “new family”.  I helped my sister and niece with the decorating for the western theme rehearsal dinner held at the couples favorite barbecue restaurant.  The bouquets of sunflowers in red and black buckets provided a perfect opportunity for me to capture some “Still Life”.  I added a little creative processing to the arrangement.




Week 43 #11 Triptych

How can it be the week 43 of my 52 week challenge?  This year has really gone way too fast.  I chose to work on a Triptych this week, a first for me.  Anything new in Photoshop is always a challenge so with the help of a YouTube video and a fellow blogger, I present you with my 3 photo collection of Burrowing Owls.  We are always our worst critics and I know this certainly not print or competition worthy.  Despite some minor issues it was fun to work on, I did learn something new and I can check one more theme off the list!



Week 40 #35 Rows of Fibers

Last week, I joined some photo buddies at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota for the first time this year.  Wandering the grounds is always an adventure and finding something I haven’t seen before is a real treat.  This photo is evidence of a new find that I must have passed a dozen times never noticing the intiricate woven rows of fibers.  The fibers are sharp when touched and remind me of woven baskets.  Neglecting to note the botanical name I have taken the liberty of naming it “Basketweave Palm”.   I couldn’t decide whether to process this in color or black and white, so I did both.  If your interested check out the black and white version on my Monochrome Mondays blog next Monday the 7th.  The link is on the top right. I’d love to have you follow me there too!