52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 29 #38 Street Scenes

Somehow my post deleted my picture and information.  It was there since I posted it on Friday but, gone today. New one for me.  This street scene photo was taken in Ybor City at one of eleven stops the streetcars take on a 2.3 mile trip from Ybor City to downtown Tampa. Streetcar use began in 1892 and discontinued service in 1946.  They returned in 2002 to promote tourism and provide and economical means of transportation.  There are 8 Birney replica streetcars which can hold 88 passengers and now provide the luxury of air conditioning.







Week 27 #8 Breaking The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the first things a photographer learns when taking a beginning photography class.  When done properly it does produce a balanced and interesting shot that is pleasing to the eye.  When applying the rule of thirds while taking a photo, imagine a grid of 9 squares, like the tic tac toe game.  Newer cameras have this setting to take the guess work out of composing to automatically help you. When composing your photo through the view finder you focus your subject either on the left one third of the photo or the right one third of the photo with the lines being your guide.  When viewing a photo studies have shown our eyes naturally go to either of the intersecting points rather than in the center of the shot.

Now that you have the basic understanding of the rule of thirds, like many things Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!!  I took this photo on a recent field trip with my photo club at Ybor City, in Tampa FL.  Wandering through the streets several of us spotted some fun street art behind some buildings in the alley.  I thought this was a perfect example of Breaking The Rule Of Thirds, centering the red chair under the art with the other chairs along the sides.



Week 10 #11 Four

I recently participated in The 9th annual Worldwide Photo Walk sponsored by Scott Kelby a professional photographer who lives in the Tampa area.  Photographers from all over the world met on October 1 with a professional photographer to shoot photos together.  I joined a group in Ybor City in Tampa, a revitalized area known as a hub in the past for producing hand rolled cigars.  There are still several shops in the area and we visited one  to watch the process.   Just down the block lies an abandoned building with colorful graffiti and interesting architectural designs.  Behind the building I noticed near the top  4 windows shuttered with rusty aging metal.  A perfect representation for this weeks theme.