52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 25 #31 Outside Looking In

Tulips have begun to arrive in the floral shop tempting us with the anticipation of the warmer temperatures of Spring.  But, alas it is still January and here in Florida our temperatures have been unseasonable low hovering in the 50’s during the day and 30’s at night.  One of the tulips in a bouquet I purchased last week provided a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill the theme “Outside Looking In”.




Week 16 #40 Shot w/Polarizer Filter

For the past two years my friend Roxana and I have been in charge of the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club Field Trips.  Once a month we have organized a trip for our members to numerous locations within a 2 hour drive from Lakewood Ranch.  On our first trip we gathered near UTC mall in Sarasota and photographed a variety of colorful displays of Christmas lights.  On our final trip a week ago took us to Hart’s Landing in downtown Sarasota.  Close to 30 of us spent an hour and a half photograhing one of the most amazing sunsets I have witnessed  so far this fall. The never ending display of colors did not disappoint.  I took this shot about half way through the evening with a newly purchased polarized filter.  I like the way it darkened the water and upper clouds, cut down on the brightness of the sun but still highlighted the colorful sky.



Week 13 #33 Part Of A Face/Head

The crisp fall weather has finally arrived here in Florida. Yesterday I spent part of the day enjoying the cool temperatures at the Tampa Lowry Zoo with a friend.  Our favorite place to begin our day was with the Bornean Orangutans.  We were provided with an extra special photo opportunity when a group of Tampa Quilters arrived with armfuls of quilts for all the primates at the zoo.  The Orangutans in particular enjoy covering themselves with a  blanket at different times of the day.  At one point we watched 3 adults and a baby reaching out to catch the quilts as they were tossed to them.  I captured this young female covering part of her face before swinging up to snuggle under the quilt on a high platform.



Week 6 #12 Documentary

As I write this, millions of  Floridians are preparing for Hurricane Irma to make up its mind what path of unprecedented destruction it will make.  I spent an hour at the grocery store stocking up with ice and other supplies yesterday and several hours today looking for batteries and drinking water.  This is my first hurricane experience and I find it difficult to know who to pray for!  I don’t want it to harm my community but I certainly don’t wish it to harm others.  I drove above Interstate 75 this afternoon, to fulfill the “documentary” theme, and witnessed the line of evacuees heading north.  It appeared they were averaging 30 to 40 miles an hour.  They are in for a long drive to safety.



Week 2 #21 Hot and Steamy

Humidity in Florida this time of year is a given.  I dream of days gone by living in Iowa when we would have a cool front move through for a few days and I could throw open the windows to air out the house.  I don’t think I have had the windows and doors open to welcome cooler humid free days since February.  Moisture accumulates on the windows and doors almost every evening, it burns off during the day and returns again at night.  Easily entertained,  I decided to return to my childish ways and draw a heart on our “Hot and Steamy” windows.