52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 31 #30 One Shot With 3 Shapes

At Seagate, the Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL. you will find several carved and cut out windows built into the lanai.  When I got home and downloaded my photos I realized the windows were perfect for the “One Shot With 3 Shapes” theme.  Actually you will find 4 shapes, a Square, Pentagon, Triangle and also a Rectangle.





Week 29 #39 Shot with 50mm

Earlier this week I joined a neighbor and her friends for Tea at Seagate the Crosley Estate in Sarasota.  During a few weeks in the winter months the Estate holds the Teas to raise funds to provide continued restorations.  The Seagate was constructed in 1929 by Powel Crosley, Jr. a Multi Millionaire from Ohio.  Amazingly the home was constructed in 72 nine hour work days.

We were fortunate enough to be seated on the outdoor second floor lanai with an amazing view of the Sarasota Bay waterfront.  I only brought a 50mm lens, also known as The Nifty Fifty, mounted on my camera to see what shots I could capture.  We were close to this table and I really like the depth of field and clarity it captured.



Week 27 #38 Serenity In Nature

A trip to Selby Gardens in Sarasota always provides me with abundant photographic opportunities.  Like all gardens, Selby changes with each visit depending on the time of year.  On a trip in late summer, I found numerous Swallowtail butterflies floating from one flower to another.  One of God’s greatest gifts of “Serenity In Nature”.



Week 18 #20 HDR

Several years ago during a photoshop class the instructor taught us how to process an HDR image.  The process seemed pretty simple and one I thought would come in handy. Well, 2 years later and this weeks photo is the first one I have processed since that class.  To achieve an HDR photo the following steps need to be taken.  The first photo shot is underexposed by 2 stops, the second is properly exposed and the third is overexposed by 2 stops.  Photoshop does a wonderful job of combining the three into this HDR image taken of the sunset and pier at Hart’s Landing in Sarasota.



Week 16 #40 Shot w/Polarizer Filter

For the past two years my friend Roxana and I have been in charge of the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club Field Trips.  Once a month we have organized a trip for our members to numerous locations within a 2 hour drive from Lakewood Ranch.  On our first trip we gathered near UTC mall in Sarasota and photographed a variety of colorful displays of Christmas lights.  On our final trip a week ago took us to Hart’s Landing in downtown Sarasota.  Close to 30 of us spent an hour and a half photograhing one of the most amazing sunsets I have witnessed  so far this fall. The never ending display of colors did not disappoint.  I took this shot about half way through the evening with a newly purchased polarized filter.  I like the way it darkened the water and upper clouds, cut down on the brightness of the sun but still highlighted the colorful sky.



Week 12 #15 f/4 or Lower

Last weeks post featured a photo and information about the 2017 World Rowing Championship held in Sarasota, FL.  Events like this also have numerous vendors set up to sell just about anything you can think of related to rowing.  I was particularly interested in the displays of boats.  Years ago the row boats were made from wood and often hand made.  Today they are manufactured from composite reinforced plastic.  The average weight of a 27 foot boat is only 30 pounds.  I captured this f/4 shot of the interior of a single boat complete with shoes!



Week 11 #28 My First Visit To a Rowing Competition

In Sarasota, Florida, Nathan Benderson Parks, history began with the construction of Interstate 75 back in 1968-70.  Dirt removed to help build the Interstate left over a 400 acre lake.  Today the 600 acre park offers residents a 3 mile bike/walking trail around the lake, a playground, picnic area, fishing and a first class venue for Rowing Competitions.  In late September over 900 rowers from 69 countries arrived to participate in the 2017 World Rowing Championships.  I spent several hours with a friend one afternoon for “My First Visit To a Rowing Competition”.

I was impressed with this world class event and witnessed one race right after another. The award ceremonies were similar to the Olympics with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals complete with the playing of the winning competitors national anthem.

The winner of this male single event blew away all of the competitors crossing the finish line with ease.