52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 32 #46 Unwanted/Distracting Objects

Living in Florida we have the good fortune to have an abundance of wild life, including sandhill cranes.  Cranes found in Florida do not migrate due to our moderate year round temperatures.  They are a common sight seen almost daily and can bring a road full of cars to a complete stop while they meander across the road.  This time of year is nesting time and the babies, usually two, are hatching.  The babies are adorable and are up and moving within a few short hours after being born.  I stopped by a nest last week to take some photos of the babies, known as colts, and the parents.  This adult was busily searching for bugs of all sorts to eat and feed to the colts.  During its search a leaf became stuck on its beak providing me a perfect shot for the theme, Unwanted/Distracting Objects.