52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 42 #9 Close Up/Macro

Tulips are still in the market so a purple bunch graced my kitchen island with their beauty for a week.  Knowing I still had this theme to fulfill I decided to play around with a colorful scarf as a background.  I like the detail and texture the macro lens brought out not only in the tulip but the scarf.




Week 45 #31 Show With Flash/Speedlight

Earlier this spring I took a two day Macro workshop with Mike Matthews and Adam Jones.  Mike is well known for his love of little critters and enjoys providing his students with multiple subjects to photograph.  Adam was in the area and spoke to our Photo club and participated in several workshops with Mike.  Shooting Macro usually requires Macro lenses and using a tripod.  By attaching a ring light flash to your Macro lens, adjusting the shutter speed and ISO settings in the camera, hand held photography opens up a whole new world.  This Baby Green Iguana was so colorful, I really enjoyed photographing him.