52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 24 #29 On The Edge

I seem to have an affinity for choosing animals in this blog and my Mono blog this year.  I haven’t been out exploring and photographing much lately so I am drawing from past files.  I really must get out more!!

Last fall while at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa, I watched a young elephant approach a man made pond.  He/she is half in and half out “On The Edge” enjoying the spray of the small waterfall.




Week 20 #43 Starts With “O”

Often times when I am out on a photo shoot I keep in mind the 52 week Themes for this blog.  I fulfilled the “Part Of A Face” theme several weeks back while photographing the Orangutans at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa.  While searching my files for this week I had a “Duh” moment, Orangutan starts with “O”!  Another theme checked off the list. This baby is just too adorable, crazy hair and all.




Week 13 #33 Part Of A Face/Head

The crisp fall weather has finally arrived here in Florida. Yesterday I spent part of the day enjoying the cool temperatures at the Tampa Lowry Zoo with a friend.  Our favorite place to begin our day was with the Bornean Orangutans.  We were provided with an extra special photo opportunity when a group of Tampa Quilters arrived with armfuls of quilts for all the primates at the zoo.  The Orangutans in particular enjoy covering themselves with a  blanket at different times of the day.  At one point we watched 3 adults and a baby reaching out to catch the quilts as they were tossed to them.  I captured this young female covering part of her face before swinging up to snuggle under the quilt on a high platform.



Week 14 #18 Movie Title

While looking through some photos I recently shot at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL., this pair of giraffes brought to mind the 1985 movie staring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the romantic love story “Out Of Africa”.  The giraffe is the tallest living animal and according to Wikipedia approximately 90,000 live in the wild and around 1,144 in captivity.