52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 20 #43 Starts With “O”

Often times when I am out on a photo shoot I keep in mind the 52 week Themes for this blog.  I fulfilled the “Part Of A Face” theme several weeks back while photographing the Orangutans at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa.  While searching my files for this week I had a “Duh” moment, Orangutan starts with “O”!  Another theme checked off the list. This baby is just too adorable, crazy hair and all.





Week 19 #Back Lit

Several times a week I drive by a small lake that has several Cypress Trees growing right along its banks.  Cypress Trees are mostly grown in flood tolerant wetlands and grow in swamps, along river and lake banks. When they grow near water they produce protruding stumps known as knees.  Florida laws prohibit cutting or damaging the knees.

On this particular day I drove by and noticed the setting sun was casting a nice back light on the knees.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I drove home and returned in time to capture this image before the sun set lower behind the nearby buildings leaving them totally in the shade.



Week 18 #20 HDR

Several years ago during a photoshop class the instructor taught us how to process an HDR image.  The process seemed pretty simple and one I thought would come in handy. Well, 2 years later and this weeks photo is the first one I have processed since that class.  To achieve an HDR photo the following steps need to be taken.  The first photo shot is underexposed by 2 stops, the second is properly exposed and the third is overexposed by 2 stops.  Photoshop does a wonderful job of combining the three into this HDR image taken of the sunset and pier at Hart’s Landing in Sarasota.



Week 17 #34 Reflections

Last weekend I joined a group at a rookery located in Venice, Florida for a workshop with Maxis Gamez a local bird and landscape photographer.  Fall and Winter are mating seasons here in Florida so birds are beginning to gather nesting materials.  Maxis instructed us on camera settings, lighting, distractions, angles, focusing and panning.  Focusing on a moving bird can be a challenge and I did hit the delete button for the majority of shots.  This shot of the Heron and reflections heading off for more nesting materials was one of a few keepers.



Week 16 #40 Shot w/Polarizer Filter

For the past two years my friend Roxana and I have been in charge of the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club Field Trips.  Once a month we have organized a trip for our members to numerous locations within a 2 hour drive from Lakewood Ranch.  On our first trip we gathered near UTC mall in Sarasota and photographed a variety of colorful displays of Christmas lights.  On our final trip a week ago took us to Hart’s Landing in downtown Sarasota.  Close to 30 of us spent an hour and a half photograhing one of the most amazing sunsets I have witnessed  so far this fall. The never ending display of colors did not disappoint.  I took this shot about half way through the evening with a newly purchased polarized filter.  I like the way it darkened the water and upper clouds, cut down on the brightness of the sun but still highlighted the colorful sky.



Week 15 #13 Eight

Several days after Hurricane Irma blew through our community, my son called  to inform me there were numerous varieties of birds at a large pond nearby.  I grabbed my camera and drove over to check them out.  Shortly after arriving I noticed seven Wood Storks near the shoreline.  Remembering the theme “Eight” for the 52 Week Photo Challenge my first thought was “Oh shoot, there are only seven, I need eight”.  Thinking if I was patient maybe another one would show up while I was photographing some of the other species around the pond.  About ten minutes later as luck would have it an eighth Wood Stork, the one on the right joined the group.  I was able to get in four shots before it flew off to the other side of the pond.  In this case seven is company and eight is a crowd!