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Week 50 #A5 Texture

One of the fantastic things about living in Florida are the numerous variety of flowering trees, shrubs and perennials that provide year round color.  On a first visit to Palma Sola Botanical Park in Bradenton, Florida with friends, we were met with several varieties of fragrant Plumeria, Zinnias and Trumpet Flowers to name just a few.  The free admission park is set on 10 acres with lush gardens, numerous exotic fruit trees, walking trails, lakes, a screened pavilion available for private parties and several gazebos.  A pink plumeria bloom nestled in a crook of the tree is a nice contrast against the textured moss and lichen covered branches.




Week 49 #14 Emotional

Selenicereus grandiflorus also known as “Night-Blooming Cereus” or “Queen of the Night”, is a cactus species that originated in Central America and Mexico.  Once a year the species blooms at night.  Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota, has a large plant with approximately 1000 flowers climbing up the trunk of a live oak tree on its property.  The evening of June 12, 2018 proved to be an emotional night.  I gathered with an estimated 200 other spectators to watch the process of the buds opening up to be a beautiful 9 inch diameter flower.  I arrived at 8:00P.M. to see all the buds closed and found a perfect spot to sit and take in the “show”.  As the evening light began to fade, slowly the buds began to open.  By total darkness around 9:30P.M. the tree literally glowed with all the opened white flowers.  I can hardly wait for next year to see this amazing process all over again.


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Week 48 #A4 Mono

I have posted several photos of Seagate a mansion built on Sarasota Bay in 1929 by Powel and Gwendolyn Crosley several times this past year.  Check out weeks 29 and 31.  The day I was there I only brought my “Nifty 50″/50mm lens to fulfill theme 29.  Because of its limitations I was only able to capture part of the upper floor and tower with several of the old pine trees that grace the property.









Week 47 # 32 Panorama

I recently purchase the Canon G7X MarkII, a point and shoot camera to carry in my purse.  I love my Canon 70D but, it is heavy and cumbersome to always have with me.  Phone photos are okay but the quality and resolution of the G7X are far superior.  This week because I had the camera with me I was able to capture another beautiful Florida sunset by Lake Uilhein in Lakewood Ranch.  5 photos were downloaded into photo merge in Photoshop and in less than a minute I had a panoramic photo.  A little cropping and tweaking provided me with the final image.



Week 43 #11 Triptych

How can it be the week 43 of my 52 week challenge?  This year has really gone way too fast.  I chose to work on a Triptych this week, a first for me.  Anything new in Photoshop is always a challenge so with the help of a YouTube video and a fellow blogger, I present you with my 3 photo collection of Burrowing Owls.  We are always our worst critics and I know this certainly not print or competition worthy.  Despite some minor issues it was fun to work on, I did learn something new and I can check one more theme off the list!



Week 40 #35 Rows of Fibers

Last week, I joined some photo buddies at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota for the first time this year.  Wandering the grounds is always an adventure and finding something I haven’t seen before is a real treat.  This photo is evidence of a new find that I must have passed a dozen times never noticing the intiricate woven rows of fibers.  The fibers are sharp when touched and remind me of woven baskets.  Neglecting to note the botanical name I have taken the liberty of naming it “Basketweave Palm”.   I couldn’t decide whether to process this in color or black and white, so I did both.  If your interested check out the black and white version on my Monochrome Mondays blog next Monday the 7th.  The link is on the top right. I’d love to have you follow me there too!