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Week 2 #21 Hot and Steamy


Humidity in Florida this time of year is a given.  I dream of days gone by living in Iowa when we would have a cool front move through for a few days and I could throw open the windows to air out the house.  I don’t think I have had the windows and doors open to welcome cooler humid free days since February.  Moisture accumulates on the windows and doors almost every evening, it burns off during the day and returns again at night.  Easily entertained,  I decided to return to my childish ways and draw a heart on our “Hot and Steamy” windows.



Author: CarolynEliason

I have always enjoyed photography, but with encouragemet from family and friends over the past several years I began to realize I really love it! Belonging to this blog and a local digital photo group has challenged me to look at the beauty of the world and to enjoy capturing it with my camera.

24 thoughts on “Week 2 #21 Hot and Steamy

  1. What a lovely and creative shot, Carolyn! Well done :-).

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  2. Loved the comment on our wonderful August weather.

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  3. Perfect representation of recent times!

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  4. Creative shot that speaks volumes! I always say summers in FL is kinda like living in a zip lock bag wrapped in a hot wet towel…LOL


  5. Boy, isn’t that the truth?! Love your shot!

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  6. Our nights have been cool lately. Cool enough for open windows and a comforter. Ahhhhhh…….

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  7. I went to college in Iowa, and loved the summers there! But the winters did make me long for Florida.

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  8. Your artwork on the window made me smile.

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  9. Great capture…sure demonstrates the humidity down here…nicely done.

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  10. That window is a great shot.

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  11. Perfect – love this!!

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  12. Nice art work. I am not sure what I would do for this theme. You nailed. it.

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  13. I just LOVE this! – I love the way the stripes are there with the three colors – simple and artsy! – clever you – wish I’d thought of it.

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