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Week 47 #13 Infrared


Infrared photography has started to become very popular.  Trees and grass in color photos turn white almost resembling snow.  I have a friend who converted an older camera to Infrared and she has produced some really interesting photos.  Since I don’t have an Infrared camera, for this theme I found the how to steps online to achieve Infrared in Photoshop.  First of all, this is a HUGE step forward for me to follow directions of any kind about using Photoshop.  I have been to several workshops, had friends sit with me and show me different things,  I bought one of Scott Kelby’s Photoshop books after attending one of his workshops but, I have never left my comfort zone to try doing any type of processing besides the basic stuff.  So I am giving myself a big pat on the back for finally trying something new on my own!

Below, I have included the original photo taken in downtown Sarasota.  I really liked the vines on the building and they were just beginning to show some signs of green leaves.  Also, I left the few palm fronds on the top right side of the photo to help add a little interest when the photo was processed.  The second photo is the final product.  I preferred the image converted into B&W.




Author: CarolynEliason

I have always enjoyed photography, but with encouragemet from family and friends over the past several years I began to realize I really love it! Belonging to this blog and a local digital photo group has challenged me to look at the beauty of the world and to enjoy capturing it with my camera.

22 thoughts on “Week 47 #13 Infrared

  1. You should force yourself to get out of your comfort zone more often. This is great and quite an accomplishment! Well done, Carolyn.

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  2. Really enjoyed seeing contrast between both pictures. Beautiful, Glad you went outside your comfort zone. Well done!

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  3. Carolyn, the processed photo is really really good. Now if we could just get another nice restaurant to come back into that building near the Opera House, the story would be complete.

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  4. well done – I like seeing the “before” and the “after” – good job doing something new
    feels great doesnt it – although I get frustrated many times!

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  5. I bought a PS course from Serge Ramelli, who taught me everything I know in Lightroom. But I never got past the first i/2 hour of basics. You did a great job and I’d like to say that you’ve given me the impetuous to learn have another go at it. I’d like to, but I can’t.

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  6. Thats what people have told me, they still have to go back to PS for some processing.


  7. I thought I was the only one who is not going head over heels into all of the parts of Photoshop…no matter how many seminars I take. 🙂
    Good job on the infrared….it is interesting and quite different.

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  8. Interesting outcome. Well done in moving out of your comfort zone. I have used the Nik filter but not dabbled in PS. Sounds like it took a lot of effort and time!

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    • Thanks Trudie, it actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would. This was my second photo to work with. The first one I chose didn’t have enough greenery or contrast to make it interesting.


  9. Nice job trying something new. I have not attempted the infrared in PS myself. I have an infrared filter but unfortunately I have the wrong step ring, so I haven’t used it yet. Interesting result from your PS adventure. I guess I should take a look at that.
    Well done.

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  10. That looks great! And good for you for trying something new with your photography!

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