52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 22 #50 White On White

When I first saw number 50 on the 52 Week Blog list, not a single idea came to mind on what I could possibly photograph to fulfill the theme.  Then a few other fellow bloggers posted their interpretations and I started to be on the lookout.  Not until I put out the Christmas decorations did I see anything that would suit me.  I had three objects in mind, a snowman made of  white feathers wearing a white scarf, a white grid decorative box with white dots and finally a small one and a half inch ball covered with a variety of white beads.  After taking photos with a macro lens of all three I decided the ball prooved to be the most interesting to work with.  It only took a few tweeks in post processing and an added white border, (which of course you can’t see!) and Voila “White On White”.







Week 21 #Artistic

Christmas is a magical time for young and old as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ.  One of the things I always look forward to, is decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree with family ornaments passed down, homemade ones from my children and grandchildren, gifts from friends and purchases made through the years.  After several busy weeks of shopping, wrapping, meetings and parties, this week has been pure joy to sit, relax, read Christmas cards and letters, listen to Christmas music and enjoy my quiet time.  Enjoying the beauty of our Christmas tree one evening I took a picture of it with my iPhone and decided to play around with the Prisma app.  It can turn any photo into an Artistic masterpiece!   I love this Mosaic version of the tree.  May you and your loved ones have a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year!




Week 20 #16 Macro/Close-up

One of my favorite things to take photos of is flowers.  I especially enjoy photographing them up close and personal using a Macro lens.  Within the photo club I belong to, we have several “Focus Groups” that include Landscape, Birds, Characters, Macro and I am sure I have left out a few others.  About a month ago the Macro Focus Group held a mini workshop to practice shooting various items that members brought.  I  buy fresh flowers just about every week so brought my most recent purchase to share with the participants.  This was one of my favorite shots from the day.






Week 19 #23 Orton Effect

One of the things I really enjoy about belonging to this 52 week blog is exploring new techniques in photography that I have never tried or know  very little about.  The Orton Effect being one of them.  I have to admit I had to trust on reliable Google to help me with this one.

The process was originated by photographer Michael Orton in the mid 1980’s and involved blending two completely different photos of the same scene, resulting in a mix of high and low detail areas with in the photo.

With the help of current photo software  you can achieve the same effect with little effort. It gently blurs your image to produce a dreamy glow to the picture.  I captured this wall mounted water feature on a trip to Ybor City in Tampa, FL.




Week 18 #35 Starts With A “C”

My husband and I spent Thanksgiving with all our children and grandchildren at our daughter’s home in Minnesota.  They recently moved there after living in Colorado for a number of years.  With this move they purchased a large enough home we were all able to stay with them.  We haven’t all slept under the same roof for almost 10 years. Our daughter is very creative and enjoyed planning our meals and activities for the kids and adults.  It snowed the first day we were there and in no time she and her husband  were able to come up with snow gear to fit all the grandchildren to enjoy playing outside for hours in the fresh snow.  It was a real treat especially for the Florida clan, they haven’t played in snow since moving here over 3 years ago.

Upon our arrival our daughter pointed out to all the adults that she had purchased a coffee cup for each of us to use while there and take home at the end of our stay.  Each cup was chosen very meticulously for each one of us to fit our personalities.  We all had lots of laughs as she presented us with our cups.   I just love my “C”up!