52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 17 #21 On The Water

On windy days just off Interstate 275 near the Skyway Bridge you most likely will find people out kite surfing on the waters of Tampa Bay.  I drove up recently with some friends and we were able to watch a dozen or so show off their skills.  I enjoyed watching them from their starting off point open their kites, straighten the cords, attach this thing and that thing, then wade into the water, strap onto their board and away they went. They were having the times of their lives soaring over the water and occasionally became airborne.  I captured several kites and one rider with the Skyway Bridge in the background.




Week 16 #42 The Wild Side

It didn’t take me too long to decide what I would photograph for this theme.  Every pond or lake in Florida seems to have its resident alligator or two etc.  This large fella hangs out in the pond behind our home.  You don’t see much of him during the summer months but, once the weather starts to cool off a daily sighting is fairly common.  He enjoys sunning on “The Wild Side” of the pond that backs up to the woods.  My grandkids helped me name him one day…met Alliboba.



Week 15 #4 Architectural Details

My photo group recently took a field trip to Lakeland, FL. to visit Florida Southern College perched high on a hillside overlooking beautiful Lake Hollingsworth.  The campus is home to the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings in one place.  During 1938,  College President Dr. Ludd Spivey had a vision for the campus to become a unique American college and embrace the Architectural Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Wright designed 18 structures, 13 of which have been constructed, with the first completed in 1941, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The chapel is used for numerous weekly events ranging from church services, plays, Student award ceremonies and weddings.  The day we visited several women were setting up for a wedding scheduled that afternoon.

Wright’s designs were monumentaly  unique during his life and his influence is still felt today in modern Architecture.  Inside the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel several walls had multiple colored glass set into the unusual designed cement walls. I chose to highlight one of the walls as my contribution to “Architectural Details”.



Week 14 #18 Movie Title

While looking through some photos I recently shot at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL., this pair of giraffes brought to mind the 1985 movie staring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the romantic love story “Out Of Africa”.  The giraffe is the tallest living animal and according to Wikipedia approximately 90,000 live in the wild and around 1,144 in captivity.