52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 13 #10 Cozy/Comfortable

Like most 3 year olds my grandson is a busy little boy and does not like to take naps.  Mom and Dad have a back up plan that almost always works.  He loves to curl up on the sofa with his cozy blanket to watch TV and within a short time is sound asleep.  I think he inherited this from me, I always fall asleep when I lay down to watch TV!





Week 12 #47 Waiting

This past weekend my photography group took a field trip to attend the Arcadia FL. Rodeo. The town I grew up in had a Rodeo every fall so I was really looking forward to reliving some of the fun memories from my youth.  We arrived early to get prime seats across from the chutes and had some down time to wander around and take in the atmosphere.  I spotted this gentleman sitting all alone smoking a cigarette while waiting for the show to begin.




Week 11 #48 What A Character

Several weeks ago our photo club took a field trip to the Lowry Zoo in Tampa.  I could have spent the whole time watching the Chimpanzee’s and their babies.  This young one really showed off its character by rolling around eating a snack and ending up in some crazy looking positions. I wouldn’t want to try and repeat his/her moves!



Week 10 #11 Four

I recently participated in The 9th annual Worldwide Photo Walk sponsored by Scott Kelby a professional photographer who lives in the Tampa area.  Photographers from all over the world met on October 1 with a professional photographer to shoot photos together.  I joined a group in Ybor City in Tampa, a revitalized area known as a hub in the past for producing hand rolled cigars.  There are still several shops in the area and we visited one  to watch the process.   Just down the block lies an abandoned building with colorful graffiti and interesting architectural designs.  Behind the building I noticed near the top  4 windows shuttered with rusty aging metal.  A perfect representation for this weeks theme.