52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 9 #33 Something With Wings

Instead of choosing the logical subject of birds or airplanes for this theme I spotted a unique example of Something With Wings one afternoon while driving.  I pass by LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lakewood Ranch, FL. quite frequently and on that particular day, I realized the decorative awnings over several entrances look like a bird or airplane with multiple wings.  The building was designed by the architecture firm Fawley/Bryant who have designed numerous award winning buildings in the Sarasota area.




Week 8 # 34 Splash of Color

I enjoy buying fresh flowers every week and place them on my kitchen counter.  They always brighten up the room and one of the benefits I really look forward to is photographing them.  This past week I purchased a bouquet with a variety of different flowers and I especially liked the white hydrangea with just a splash of light green to add a little bit of contrast.



Week 7 #44 Topless

My husband and I really enjoy fresh pineapple.  After moving here several years ago almost every time I purchased one at the store the check out clerks would ask me if I had ever tried to grow one.  Finally deciding to take a chance, when the pineapple had ripened enough to cut, I removed the top, planted it in a pot and set it in a nice sunny location in my covered lanai. Almost 18 months later I saw the plant begin to flower and low and behold that flower turned into a small pineapple.  The week before we left for our road trip back to the midwest I cut it to bring to my sister who is the ultimate pineapple lover!  Here is a picture of her holding my small but, according to her very delicious and sweet pineapple.


This last week I decided it was time to start another plant, so I purchased a nice size pineapple and with one swift cut, the pineapple was topless!  The top is now planted and soaking up the sunshine and occasional rain showers in the lanai, working on producing another pineapple we can enjoy within the next 18 months.




Week 6 #52 With A Ball

My granddaughter started playing volleyball while in elementery school.  Eventually she moved on to playing on club teams, played in middle school, freshman year and this year she made the JV team.  She has put in lots of hours of practice and I am so proud of her dedication to the sport she loves.  I captured this shot of her holding the ball while she was setting up to serve.  That night she helped her team to add a win to their record!



Week 5 #2 Abstract

Learn to paint shops seem to be all the rage right now.  Most of the shops offer private parties for kids birthday’s, adult team building, wine tasting, you name it and they will find a time for you to come enjoy yourself while you paint a masterpiece!  My daughter, granddaughter and I spent several hours during an open session this summer at a local shop.  Typically you choose a design that you want to paint and one of the staff members will pencil in the design.  Since drawing or painting has never been my strong suit,  I welcomed the help.  I decided to stick with something fairly simple and do an abstract with lots of fun bright colors.  Next time I’d like to go back with a group of friends and take a few bottles of wine along!