52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 4 #28 Repeating Patterns

One day while visiting our daughter in Minnesota we stopped in a local restaurant near  one of the many lakes that Minnesota is known for.  Sitting on the bar was this large glass container filled with rows of pineapple soaking in Vodka to be used for delicious cocktails. I thought the repeating patterns of the pineapple provided me an unusual photo op.





Week 3 #32 Signage

My husband and I returned this week from a road trip north to visit family.  Since moving to Florida, road trips are a rare occasion and usually involve driving no more than a couple of hours around the state.  This road trip racked up 3800 miles on the odometer of the car. We had 4 stops along our route with the second one reaching our home state of Iowa.  Crossing over the Des Moines River from Missouri just over the bridge lies Iowa.  I captured this photo of the Iowa Welcome sign found at every major road that enters into the state.  As an added bonus the county we entered is Lee County, the county where I was born.



Week 2 #25 Places of Worship

Most of our family was able to gather to share in the joy of watching our youngest and last grandchild baptized this past weekend at my daughter in laws church.  The beautiful wooden carved baptismal font was hard to miss since it was placed in a strategic spot for the ceremony.  After the service I noted the font was a memorial gift to the church dating back to 1950.  Just imagine how many babies, children and adults had gathered around the font during a worship service to share in the sacrament of baptism.  What a wonderful setting to begin their faith filled journey of life and know the love of Christ.



Week 1 #7 Bent Or Twisted

I am off and running for my third year of the 52 Week Photography Challenge.  Week 1 finds me in Burlington, Iowa.  One of Burlington’s famous sights is Snake Alley found near downtown.  Now, I am sure everyone has heard of Snake Alley or Lombard Street in San Francisco but, unless you live or have lived near Burlington you may not be aware of its existence or the history around its construction.

In 1894 the alley was constructed after three men of German ancestry provided the city with the idea to use similar designs found in Germany.  The alley was built at a 16% grade and has 7 twisting curves.  Snake Alley in San Francisco was built in 1922, has a 18% grade and 8 twisting curves.  It may be more famous and visited yearly by thousands of people, Burlington, Iowa has the oldest Snake Alley in the United States.