52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 48 #6 Celebration

Week 44 photo was taken on the grounds of the Veste Oberhaus in Passau, Germany.  I mentioned it was a favorite spot for the locals and tourists to gather to relax, read a book, share a meal and celebrate a special event.  During our tour of the grounds  I was able to capture a birthday celebration in the making.  Mom trekked up the hillside all by herself with all the children.  Carrying with her somehow homemade cupcakes on a serving tray  complete with a candle and drinks for her daughter’s special day. Now that is one heck of a Mom!






Week 47 #49 Tiny World

This past week my photography group took a field trip to The Ringling Museum in Sarasota.  Several of us brought along a new toy we had purchased, a 80mm Crystal Ball with a small square crystal cube stand.  I bought mine months ago and have never had the opportunity to pull it out and experiment photographing images through it until that day.

Setting the stand and ball on a flat surface you focus the camera through the ball to capture an image. The photo is now upside down, tiny and slightly distorted into a sphere shape.  When the photo is flipped in post processing you now have a tiny world inside the crystal ball.




Week 46 #A5. Straight Out Of The Camera

While in Colorado Springs several weeks ago we took a couple hours to explore “The Broadmoor”, a historic and luxurious resort. The resort has eighteen restaurants, 3 eighteen hole golf courses, 25 retail shops, several pools, fitness center, full service spa, 779 hotel rooms, conference buildings, hiking trails, several large lakes etc. etc. A dismantled English pub was even purchased and reassembled within the resort. The original 3000 acres were first purchased by Spencer Penrose in 1916 to begin building what he titled the “Grand Dame of the Rockies” to be patterned after luxurious European hotels. Additional buildings and property have been built and acquired through the years.

While walking along the path near one of the lakes we saw several gaggles of geese. The babies were so cute I couldn’t resist taking several pictures of them. Would have loved to crop this one a bit but, not bad for straight out of the camera.




Week 45 #50 Toys

We recently spent a week with our daughter and her family in Colorado.  Our eleven year old granddaughter I think is unique, in this day of computer and video games, with the fact she is a voracious reader and also still enjoys playing with dolls.  I have no idea how many she owns but, she could probably open a small doll shop if she ever decides to sell them!  She also has a very creative artsy side and enjoys sewing and designing her own clothes as well as her dolls.  One afternoon after watching a video on the computer about how to make doll furniture she proceeded to work tirelessly for hours to produce a unique bed for her two Monster High Dolls.  I had never heard of this type of doll and she explained to me that they were Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolves daughters.  Well, I had no idea they had children, at least none of the storybooks I remember reading ever mentioned it!  I so enjoyed occasionally checking in on her progress while she made the bed. Her hot glue gun was her weapon of choice and it got quite a work out while glueing the recycled card board boxes, the twigs used for trees, fabric top and bedding. She even glued a branch design on each side of the bed then painted it all with brown paint. On one side she hung picture hooks so the dolls basket and other essentials wouldn’t get lost.  I was speechless when she was finished, I just couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out.