52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 44 #5 Bird’s Eye View


Passau, Germany is known as the “City of Three Rivers,” it lies at the confluence of the Inn, the Danube and the Ilz Rivers.  It is the last major German city on the Danube at the border of Austria.  It was an important medieval center for the salt trade.  Salt was called “The White Gold” and was transported from the Alpine salt mines to Passau where it was processed.  During the Renaissance period, Passau became famous for making high-quality knife and sword blades.

High on the hillside of the Danube sits the Veste Oberhaus, founded in 1220 by the first prince-bishop of Passau.  The fortress consists of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecure and now houses exhibits on the history and art of Passau.  It is a favorite spot for the locals to spend a relaxing day with their families on the surrounding grounds.

This bird’s eye view of the city of Passau was taken from a prominent vantage point.  You can see most of the Old City on the tapering peninsula with its mixture of colorful buildings.  The Danube is in the forefront with the Inn on the far side.  Unfortunately the small river Ilz cannot be seen in this photo as it feeds into the Danube.  Just above the roof line of the fortress on the left side, you can see where the Danube and Inn Rivers intersect by the different color of the water.





Week 43 #47 The Eye

Our last stop on our River Cruise last fall was Amsterdam.  I had been there in 1990 and one of my favorite places to visit was the Rijks Museum, so it was the first place we headed the first full day we where there.  I hardly recognized the museum because they had gone through major renovations.  We were welcomed into a bright expansive auditorium with a lovely restaurant, large gift shop, information area and pleasant staff.  After buying our tickets and checking out the map we explored the four floors of the museum.  I can not describe the excitement I had looking at so many beautiful works of art.

My favorite was the “Night Watch”.  It is a group portrait of a company of Amsterdam ‘militiamen’, the city’s civic guard.  Rembrandt made the painting in 1642 for their guild headquarters.  The painting is quite large, 11’11” by 14’4″.  Rembrandt is known to have painted himself into a number of his works and in the “Night Watch” he included just part of his face with one eye into the background.


I am also including a shot of the entire painting. It was difficult to take with so many people milling around, I wish I could have gotten a sharper photo. If  you zoom in you will be able to find his eye to the left of center behind two of the men.







Week 42 #51 Upside Down

On the grounds of The John and Mable Ringling Museum Of Art in Sarasota are several amazing bronze sculptures.  This controversial sculpture is  based on the characters Lygia and the Bull in the 1885 novel “Quo Vadis” by Henry Sienkiewicz.  John Ringling purchased it in the 1920’s only to have the city leaders of Sarasota remove it from public viewing due to its provocative nature.  With research I was unable to find when it was reinstalled on the grounds.  Ringling and others believed the sculpture was designed by Italian-American sculptor Giuseppe Morette, but apparently his wife sent documentation at some time, that it was not designed by him.  Despite the uncertainty surrounding the sculpture it is a must see if you ever visit the museum and it provided me with my theme for the week, Upside Down.



Week 41 #13 Downtown in B&W

I haven’t experimented much in B&W photography so this theme was good for me to take a stab at.  I have always enjoyed the details that a B&W photo bring out.  While walking around downtown Melk, Austria we came around the corner to this display on a shopfront. Originally,  I was planning on using it for the OMG theme but choose something else for that one.  I loved this shot so much I knew I had to use it somehow.  How often do you see the bottom half of mannequin wearing a pair of jeans hanging off the front of a building? Especially in a medieval village in Austria!