52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 36 #31 Neon

Our family started vacationing on Sanibel Island for Spring Break in the late 1980’s.  We have seen a lot of changes to the island over the years, and wish many times we had bought a place when the market took a nose dive.  As our family has grown we tend to not eat out as much but, one of our favorite places to eat is Doc Ford’s.  They have by far hands down the best calamari we have ever eaten.  Usually we order two baskets and there are barely any crumbs left.  I had fun throwing a tropical feel into one of the neon signs hanging in the main restaurant.







Week 35 #18 Hidden From View

I love tulips and have bought several bunches the past couple of months to photograph.  I enjoy watching them go from a beautiful almond shaped bud to a fully opened blossom exposing all the beauty of the inside.  I decided I prefer to photograph them when they are on the waning side of their freshness.  Each one goes through a total transformation as it begins to drop its petals.  I captured this image with the bright yellow pistol and stamens slightly hidden from view.




Week 33 #33 Old Timer

My friend Roxana and I volunteered to organize the field trips this year for our photography club.  In April, we are taking a group to what the locals call “Beer Can Island” off the tip of Long Boat Key on the Gulf.  Its a fairly isolated spot only accessible by boat or by walking half mile along the shoreline.  This week we decided to go scope the area out, come up with a game plan for parking and determine where our group will set up.  After passing multiple piles of beer cans left by prior visitors I understood why the spot was named “Beer Can Island.”  The tide was up so we had to traverse through the trees, brush and dead stumps to reach our destination.  There we found beautiful sculptued pieces of driftwood and numerous trees that had washed ashore.  We had a fun morning capturing some great images and look forward to returning in April with our group to shoot the driftwood and hopefully catch some amazing sunset shots.

This old gnarly rooted tree really fascinated me. I can only imagine how many miles it traveled to end up on the island and thought it was perfect for the “Old Timer” theme.




Week 32 #25 Low Key

My favorite type of photography is Macro. One afternoon while shooting the leaves of a green plant I played around with different settings. When I downloaded my images into my computer I was just about to delete this one because it was so dark and just a flat out bad image. But! I remembered we have a theme for low key and I had an ah ha moment, there was my low key shot!