52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 31 #41 Shades of Gray

We did a lot of walking while on our River Cruise and most of the miles we covered were on granite stone walkways. Some were lain in symmetrical order others like the one below in arching patterns. I never tired of looking at their beauty, however my feet occasionally did!





Week 30 #43 Single Tree

While in Budapest we visited the Basilica of St. Stephen. The church is named after Saint Stephen 1 of Hungary, the first King of Hungary (975-1038) whose embalmed right hand is a relic there. In case your wondering, no I did not see this supposedly prized possesion. The Basilica is the largest church in Budapest and has room for 8,500 worshippers. Unfortunately, we are only allowed to tour a small part inside because a wedding was being performed. It was exciting watching the bride walk down the aisle on her father’s arm but, I would have preferred to have been able to capture the beautiful high domed alter and all its beauty. Going outside we walked the grounds and behind the Basilica I captured this image of a single tree. There were no other trees on or near the property and I was fascinated by the fact they cared enough to save the tree by using lumber to support the two sections of the tree to keep it from falling over.




Week 29 #36 Out of Focus

We had a field trip on Thursday to Bok Tower and Gardens a National Historic Landmark near Lake Wales, FL. On the grounds you will find Pinewood Estate built in the 1930’s by Charles Austin Buck a vice president of Bethlehem Steel Company. The magnificent home includes 12,900 square feet of living area. The home has been well preserved and still has some of the original furnishings. 3 different families owned the estate before Bok Tower Gardens acquired the property in 1970. To find out more about the estate and gardens go to http://www.boktowergardens.org

When we arrived at the home I took several shots of the exterior while waiting to be admitted. Upon entering we heard a short history of the home and were directed to head toward the Butler’s Pantry to begin our tour. My first shot was this out of focus shot. Photographers know to change the camera settings often depending on the conditions.  All it took was one shot and seeing the results that I realized I forgot to change mine from outside to inside settings.  I almost deleted it then remembered this theme. A horrible shot for sure but, I was able to check one more theme off my list.




Week 28 #38 Powerful

We visited a number of amazing chapels and cathedrals while on our River Cruise. While in Cologne, Germany on our way to see the famous Cologne Cathedral, we slipped into a smaller very old chapel. Unfortunately, I have lost my notes with the name of the chapel, its age and the history of this Madonna painting. This image of the Madonna with the inset of Jesus Christ was so powerful to me along with the addition of a simple vase of white roses.