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Week 24 #17 Gate


I probably took a couple of dozen shots of various gates and doors on our River Cruise.  The uniqueness of each one caused my imagination to swirl thinking about who the people were who touched and walked through them over the centuries.  Were they a simple maid, a young child, a woman in high society, a man of the cloth, a beggar,  the possibilities are endless.  While visiting Wertheim, Germany one afternoon, this small carved gate really caught my attention.  It has to be one of the smallest and most unique gates I have ever seen.  It wasn’t even as wide as me! Again, my imagination went wild and I could not stop thinking or talking about this gate.  I knew right away it would be my choice for this theme.



Author: CarolynEliason

I have always enjoyed photography, but with encouragemet from family and friends over the past several years I began to realize I really love it! Belonging to this blog and a local digital photo group has challenged me to look at the beauty of the world and to enjoy capturing it with my camera.

13 thoughts on “Week 24 #17 Gate

  1. I can see why it caught your eye. It is intriguing. Well spotted and nicely taken.

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  2. That’s fantastic Carolyn. I have been taking lots of pictures of gates and none of them seem right. I am just waiting for the perfect gate to come into my viewfinder.

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  3. It is a very interesting little gate.

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  4. Fascinating gate — well done!

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  5. Did you investigate its origin? I would be curious as to who made it and why it was put there. Interesting.

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  6. Wonder who and what can fit through that gate! Great find.

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  7. Well chosen, nicely presented.

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  8. Great catch! That is really intriguing.

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  9. I love your story behind the scenes, and the phrase that your “imagination swirled” which is very appropriate. It is a unique gate and seems to have a story behind it!

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  10. Did you ever discover who used this gate or why ? Love the carving —

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    • No I didn’t research it. The space is so small, it looks like it leads to an alley with lots of pipes and electrical poles, so perhaps its only used by service people. I just love the carved top.


  11. Stay away from my gate. It must be to let the kids out. Very nice capture, and very intriguing. Gary

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