52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 27 #28 Mirrored Image

The most relaxing part of the River Cruise I took last fall were days when we cruised on the rivers. I enjoyed seeing the small villages, boats of all types, people riding their bikes on pathways or roads near the river, people walking their dogs, hikers and numerous campers. On this particular afternoon I captured  this man enjoying the peacefulness of the day fishing along the shore.  The water was fairly calm so I was able to capture this mirrored image of him along with his car.





Week 26 #14 Enclosed

We were blessed to have our entire family with us this year for Christmas. Several days before we treated everyone to a day at Walt Disney World. Keeping 8 adults and 7 grandchildren varying in age from 1 to 62 together and interested in the same rides proved to be difficult.  Half way through the day we agreed to meet for lunch  and also gathered near the castle for a family photo. Later in the afternoon we came together for one final hurrah  on Main Street to watch the Holiday Parade. While waiting, a vendor walked by with an enormous selection of balloons. To help keep our 3 year old grandson content he chose a Micky Mouse balloon enclosed inside a clear balloon. By the way he loves Mickey and red is his favorite color!!




Week 25 #15 Faces In Everyday Places (Pareidolia)

One of my favorite places to visit here in Sarasota is Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Quoting from their web site, in the early 1920’s Bill and Marie Selby purchased 7 acres of land bordering on Sarasota Bay and Hudson Bayou. They built a Spanish style 2 story home and Marie began to landscape the property. Her love of nature and gardening lead her to be a charter member of Sarasota’s first garden club. Marie lived in the home after her husband passed away in the 1950’s until her death in 1971. In her will the property was left to the community as a botanical garden “for the enjoyment of the general public”

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens officially opened to the public in July 1975. Today the property has more than doubled from 7 acres to 15.  The historic Payne Mansion on an adjoining property was purchased and now houses an on going variety of different nature inspired displays.

On the grounds you will find numerous examples of plants collected from all over the world. There are 8 greenhouses  to house more than 20,000 greenhouse plants. The only greenhouse that is open to the public is the Tropical Conservatory. It is one of the most popular spots to visit, filled with ever changing bromeliads, orchids, ferns and numerous other varieties of plants.

On a recent trip, they had a huge display of blooming orchids. I had never seen so many in bloom. What fun I had capturing their beauty and occasionally enjoying the sweet scent in the air.  I do not know the scientific name of this variety but, I  enjoyed its unusual shape. After I got home and downloaded my shots to my computer I laughed out loud because I found my “Faces In Everyday Places” (Pareidolia). To me it looks like it has a pointy head, huge eyebrows, small eyes, a nose and a big goofy looking mouth. What do you think?



Week 24 #17 Gate

I probably took a couple of dozen shots of various gates and doors on our River Cruise.  The uniqueness of each one caused my imagination to swirl thinking about who the people were who touched and walked through them over the centuries.  Were they a simple maid, a young child, a woman in high society, a man of the cloth, a beggar,  the possibilities are endless.  While visiting Wertheim, Germany one afternoon, this small carved gate really caught my attention.  It has to be one of the smallest and most unique gates I have ever seen.  It wasn’t even as wide as me! Again, my imagination went wild and I could not stop thinking or talking about this gate.  I knew right away it would be my choice for this theme.