52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 23 #27 Memories

Thanksgiving through New Years bring lots of memories for all of us. The smell of roasted turkey, freshly baked cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping gifts, the sound of children’s laughter, candlelight service on Christmas eve at church and ringing in the New Year with a toast. One of my earliest and fondest memories is our yearly Christmas visit to my maternal grandparents. My grandparents lived out of town, so our Christmas celebration with them always occurred the Sunday before Christmas.  I remember the excitement of packing up the car with all our gifts and charging from the car to the open arms of my grandparents.  My grandparents were the first people I knew who had a silver metallic Christmas tree complete with the colored wheel that spun around to light up the tree. It was so fun to sit and watch the tree change colors. While the tree filled me with excitement, my most anticipated thing was choosing a gum drop off their gum drop tree. I always chose a red gum drop, yum, I can still taste its sweetness as I popped it in my mouth.

When my children were young, I bought a gum drop tree from a mail order catalog. Every Christmas since, I have set it out all filled with gum drops. It doesn’t take long for the tree to be empty as my children and now grandchildren all gather round to remove their favorite color. Memories are so sweet. IMG_0080__pe_fotor



Week 22 #A2 Christmastime

A Christmas eve tradition in our home has always included setting out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the Reindeer. A handwritten note is usually included and this year 2 of the grandkids wrote one. Its been a magical Christmas eve for our family having our family of 15 together, sharing food, making cookies, wrapping presents, playing games and reminiscing about times gone by. Merry Christmas!



Week 21 #19 Homemade

Over 65 years ago my husband’s mother started a tradition of making Christmas stockings for each of her children and when her grandchildren started coming along she also made their Christmas stockings. When our first grandchild was born over 14 years ago I decided to follow suit and carry on her tradition. Our 7th grandchild was born earlier this year and I just finished making his stocking a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed putting every single stitch in each grandchilds stocking, personalizing them with their name and adding a fun stuffed ornament on the front. Who knows, I may live long enough to make my great grandchildren stockings too!

I have included my husband’s stocking hanging along side my grandson’s.



Week 20 #48 Three of a Kind

Still in Regensburg, Germany for this weeks post. Our tour guide took us into the heart of Old Town where he filled us with colorful stories of the history of the city. After leaving him for our free time to explore and eat lunch we found a popular Restaurant and Hotel called Bischofshof with a beautiful outside garden area set up for dining. After lunch I ventured inside to find the ladies room and just inside the door I spied three high chairs waiting to accommodate the younger set. They look so inviting with their padded seats and backs and provided me a perfect shot for the theme Three of a Kind.




Week 19 #22 Laundry

About half way through our River Cruise we left our ship in Passau, Germany to travel by motor coach on a scenic 90 minute drive through the countryside to our days destination Regensburg, Germany. After unloading we walked across Steinerne Brücke, Europe’s oldest surviving bridge, constructed between 1135 and 1146.  It serves as the city’s symbol resting on 16 arches over the Danube. Unfortunately at least 3/4 of the bridge was covered to be cleaned and restored, so I was unable to capture its beauty. While crossing the bridge, lining the shores of the river were numerous buildings painted in light pastel colors. On the balcony of one of the buildings a patch of red caught my eye as we grew closer to the town, I realized someone was tending to their laundry hanging on the railing. Remembering there was a theme for that I quickly started shooting away before he finished gathering it up and headed inside.

ISO 640 Focal distance 300mm Aperture f/9 Shutter speed 1/640