52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 9 #2 Worm’s View

During the drive to Jupiter Beach for a photo workshop, one of my friends suggested we try a more scenic route to occasionally stop if we saw something interesting to shoot. Several miles of the road were beautifully shrouded with old live oak trees. We pulled over several times and took turns shooting down the road before any trucks or cars appeared. While waiting my turn I scoped out the surrounding woods and found this unusually colored mushroom growing just off the side of the road. I wasn’t comfortable kneeling or laying down in the pine straw so I pre-focused my camera and set it down on the ground and took a few shots. When I first saw this theme, “Worm’s View” I snickered. Since we moved here I have never seen a worm. When we lived in Iowa every time you dug in the garden a worm would find its way out and after a rainfall worms were always on the roads or sidewalks. So, if there are any worms out there inching their way across the woods, perhaps this is a view they would enjoy.


ISO 3200 Focal length 50mm Aperture f/5 Shutter speed 1/60



Week 8 #42 Silhouette

Out with friends one evening near the John Ringling Bridge to shoot, we found this group of young men all decked out with nets and other gear searching for fresh shrimp. It was really interesting watching them search for their catch and occasionally they moved in closer together when someone found something interesting other than shrimp. I caught this silhouette of them during one of those times.


ISO 3200 Focal length 73mm Aperture f/6.3 Shutter speed 1/100


Week 7 #23 Letters

I’m not a Harley rider but, my brother in law Kayce is. On our last trip to Alaska I spotted, well you can’t miss it really, his bike parked in the driveway. I thought it might be fun to take a few shots of his bike, print one and send it to him. While looking over the theme list number 7 jumped out at me. Not only is 7 a lucky number for our family, Kayce is actually the 7th child of 7 children. I knew I could use the shots of his bike somehow in a theme. I cropped in the metal lettered words Harley Davidson and played around with the sharpness, coloring and lighting of the shot. Worthy of framing? I think I will soon find out from the rider himself!


ISO 1250 Focal length 63 mm Aperture f/11 Shutter speed 1/100


Week 6 #29 Moody

My week 4 post included 2 shots for the Before/After theme I took at a photography workshop in Jupiter Beach, FL. Today’s post is my finished photo after post processing. I like the moody setting it created with the smooth dreamy water, just cascading over the rocks in the foreground and the slight coloring in the sky from the setting sun behind us. A beautiful ending to a fun filled day.

IMG_0103_3 JBpe_fotor

ISO 100 Focal length 17mm Aperture f/25 Shutter speed 1/3