52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 52 #A3 Doors And/Or Windows

Hard to believe it has been 52 weeks since I started this photographic journey with my fellow bloggers. I have enjoyed learning so much about photography, how my camera operates and trying new things. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my world through my lens. I look forward to starting this whole process over again August 1. Stick around, the next years themes look to be full of fun and creativity! 😃

My final shot was taken over the weekend while attending a family wedding in Anchorage, AK. The actual wedding took place at Raven Glacier Lodge in Girdwood. On the grounds sits this quaint log cabin. I assume the cabin is used to house various tools, mowers etc. to maintain the property. The rustic front door caught my eye. It doesn’t look like it would keep out any wild animal, especially a bear if there was food stored inside. Homesteaders back in the day no doubt had similar looking cabins, but hopefully had a little stronger front door!


ISO 125 Focal length 24mm Aperture f/5 Shutter speed 1/30



Week 51 #31 Panning

Looking back through my almost a years worth of photos I found one shot I took at the Manatee County Fair earlier this year that fit this weeks theme “Panning”. At this stage of my shooting skills I know my camera was in Auto mode, so for me to catch this shot was pure luck. The ultimate goal is to get the person or thing in focus while the surrounding scenes are out of focus. It is harder than it looks.



ISO 100 Focal length 48 mm Aperture f/10 Shutter speed 1/250


This morning I had the opportunity to practice a little more and set my camera to the correct settings. I caught this sporty BMW driving downtown. Its not crystal clear but, now that I have the hang of it I am looking forward to looking for more “Panning” opportunites in the future.



ISO 100 Focal length 16mm Aperture f/22 Shutter speed 1/25



Week 50 #49 Two Of Us

When I began this blog back in August never in a million years did I imagine using these images for the “Two Of Us” theme. In fact I had one ready to use for todays post until I had a light bulb moment this morning. Last night our photography group had a field trip to work on light painting. I took my gear with me but had volunteered to help with some of the demonstrations so ended up not shooting. Instead I loaned my tripod to a newer member who forgot part of hers at home and wouldn’t have been able to participate. Shortly after arriving to go over the evenings event I noticed my shoes after bending down had broken apart under the arches. I laughed it off thinking well they are 13 years old and had recorded many miles over that time. Well, as the evening went on every step I took another piece fell away especially when we were set up on a gravel road. Step by step, inch by inch my feet began to feel like I had no shoes on at all. Eventually I just couldn’t take any more and headed for home and joked with one of our fellow bloggers I had to take a picture of my shoes to send to everyone later. He reminded me I could use the shot for the “Below The Knees” theme which I had already done. So thinking of today’s post I had that light bulb moment to use my broken shoes. Looking at the first photo you can see a little damage on the sides but, turning them over is another thing! Look closely you can see some of the gravel still stuck in the soles!


ISO 3200 Focal length 22mm Aperture f/7.1 Shutter speed 1/25 Aperture Priority


ISO 3200 Focal length 26mm Aperture f/7.1 Shutter speed 1/30 Aperture Priority

The women in my small quilting group had warned me that this happens to rubber soled shoes here. I don’t have a clue why, maybe its the humidity, but they all have had shoes/sandals do the same thing and one of the members last night told me it happened to her when she was at a party. Every step she took she left black pieces of her shoes behind. I’ve enjoyed the shoes for a long time and am sad to have to throw them away but, at least I was able to use them for one of my few remaining themes!


Week 49 #46 Still Life

I decided to post a little early because of the upcoming holiday weekend. I hope everyone here in the U.S. has a wonderful time celebrating our nations birthday! How lucky I am to live in such an amazing country. For the “Still Life” theme I thought of several options over the many weeks since starting this challenge and have taken quite a few photos that could fit the theme. I have several of veggies for sale at the Farmer’s Market in Sarasota, flowers and a bowl of chocolates (the chocolates didn’t last long after the photo shoot was done!), numerous shots of flowers, dragonflies and my list could go on and on. I finally settled on a fun shot I actually worked on just a week ago. Several fellow bloggers have gotten me into using scarves as back drops for photos. It is amazing how something so simple can really make what your shooting just pop. In this shot I first tried shooting the bowl of starfish and the dried balls of various materials. It just wasn’t doing anything for me until I decided to lay the scarf over the bowl and replace the items on top. Wow what a difference! Everything just came to “life”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.😊


ISO 200 Focal length 16mm Aperture f/5 Shutter speed 1/5