52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 39 #45 Statutes/Statues

After meeting downtown at an attorneys office to close on our new home in November I spied this Sumo Wrestler Statue in an outdoor garden area. It just struck me as such an odd thing to find in of all places Sarasota FL. There was no plaque nearby with who the artist was or why it was there. I tried to find some information about him online but, nothing turned up. So I could have used this for the Mystery Theme too. Fellow blogger Patricia had a close up of his face a while back, so I decided to go ahead and show his entire body. I can’t imagine how much he must weigh!


ISO 100 Focal Length 3.85mm Aperture f2.8 Shutter Speed 1/60



Week 38 # 40 Simplicity

We were back in Iowa last week visiting our son and family. Spring has sprung which prompted us to spend as much time as possible outside in the warm sun, cool breezes, listening to the birds and enjoying the beautiful gardens of one of their neighbors. Their yard was full of many varieties of spring flowers in full bloom. I chose this shot of a lone tulip for its beautiful simplicity of white and yellow. I love how the petal tips curl and look so anxious to pop open.


ISO 1000 Focal length 162mm Aperture f/6.3 Shutter speed 1/320


Week 37 #41 Single Color on Black and White

I have to admit this theme was way out of my comfort zone. It meant getting out my Photoshop Elements book and watching a tutorial on my Ipad while I practiced, practiced and practiced again on a photo until I got it right! Now that I know how to paint a Single Color on Black and White I’ll probably do some more experimenting. The first photo I tried was one with a purple dragonfly and gave up because its body and wings were so small I had a hard time controlling the paint brush and went way out of the lines even with the smallest tip. Searching through my photos I found this one with my grandson holding this weird vegetable that neither one of us had ever seen before and for the life of me I can not remember what it is called. It looks like a bunch of fingers and really creeped both of us out. My original intention was to use the photo for “Its a Mystery” theme but, I thought it might make a cool photo with just it colored. Not bad for my first attempt.

B&W with color_fotor

ISO 100 Focal length 3.85mm Aperture f2.8 Shutter speed 1/24


Week 36 #52 Winter Landscapes

I have been putting this theme off thinking I might make another trip up north to get a shot with more snow than the day I took this one in mid January. This was taken at Des Moines Golf and Country Club standing in the parking lot aiming out to one of the fairways.

I had a lot of fun playing around with different effects and decided to switch the shot to B&W and used “Ruined Wall” for the shot. The border I chose helped add to the aged look. I actually really like it, different from a typical winter shot. I included the original. You decide which one you like the best.



ISO 100 Focal length 30mm Aperture f/9 Shutter speed 1/200