52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 35 #32 Painting With Light

We just returned from spending 2 weeks on Sanibel Island. We have enjoyed vacationing there for over 25 years. One evening I asked my daughter and her family to help with the Painting With Light theme. My son in law was a real trooper helping me with settings and suggestions of things to “Paint”. Between swatting mosquitos and no see ‘ums I got some fun shots.

The first shot my son in law used the flash light to spell out Love.


ISO 1600 Focal length 44mm Aperture f/14 Shutter speed 15 seconds

The second shot my granddaughter using the flash light made a heart with the family in the shadows behind her.


ISO 1600 Focal length 44mm Aperture f/8 Shutter speed 5 seconds

We decided to try it again next year using smaller flash lights and spraying our selves from head to toe with bug spray to keep the pesky bugs away!!



Week 34 # 37 Rows And Rows Of…


I took this shot on Thanksgiving Eve while waiting to eat dinner with family at St. Armand’s Circle. The clouds that night were spectacular and I would have to say the most beautiful and unique since we moved to Florida.


Distance 37mm ISO 200 Aperture f/5.6 Shutter speed 1/50


Week 33 #12 Fences or Rails

I don’t think I really noticed or thought of how many different types of fences there are until I started looking for ones to photograph. I wonder when and where the first fence was built, no doubt thousands of years ago and most likely made of stones or wood, which are still used today. My shot in the Garden of Gods has two different types, a split rail and what I have always called snow fences. During the winter months in Iowa you would see miles and miles of this type of fence along major rural highways to catch the drifting snow.


This shot was processed in iPhoto and Fotor
Distance 24mm ISO 100 Aperture F/9 Shutter Speed 1/100

My second shot was taken here in Lakewood Ranch. You can not drive anywhere in Lakewood Ranch without seeing white maintenance free fencing. They call it maintenance free because it never needs to be painted however in our heat and high humidity moss and mold accumulate. Almost daily last summer and fall I saw workers power washing them. This shot is one of my favorite spots and I have ridden my bike under this large live oak tree numerous times. Its a great spot to stop, get a drink of water and cool off in the shade.


This shot was processed in iPhoto and Fotor
Distance 49mm ISO 100 Aperture F/8 Shutter Speed 1/125


Week 32 #13 Forced Perspective


Still at Garden of Gods in Colorado Spring for this weeks photo. The Balancing Rock is one of the most popular spots to stop to photograph and usually with someone “helping” to hold the rock in place. My granddaughter agreed to help me shoot this Forced Perspective shot. Reading up a little on the history of the rock at one point some boys from a college fraternity tried to unbalance the rock and did damage it. To rectify the damage the park reinforced it with cement. Boys will be boys!

Distance 32mm Aperture F/10 Shutter speed 1/125 ISO 100