52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 31 #33 Paths And Or Trails


Still in Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs for this weeks photo. During our walk through the park this trail appeared on our left. I can only imagine where the trail might have taken me if I decided to follow it. The colorful red sandstone trail is very striking to me against the various hues of greens in the grasses, shrubs and trees. I decided to blur the edges a bit and like the effect. I have been playing around with Photo Shop Elements and had a great shot all framed but, for some reason I was unable to retrieve it. I promise before this challenge comes to an end I will be posting pictures that have been edited through it! I also will be getting myself out of auto mode. Its too easy and I want to challenge myself more. This shot however was taken in auto. I also decided to start listing what settings were used on each of my shots. Several other members have been doing that and it has helped me immensely.

Distance 30mm Aperture f7.1 Shutter speed 1/125 ISO 100



Week 30 #30 One Step At A Time

Last week I began to show a series of photos I took last fall while visiting Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. After finding a place to park, which can be a real challenge in its self at busy times, because the parking lots are not large, we began our walk into the park. As we rounded a corner I spied a women getting set up to have her first lesson on climbing. The park is a very popular spot for those who love to climb. In fact every time we have been to the park we have seen people climbing. I immediately thought taking a progression of shots of her climb would be perfect for the theme “One Step At A Time”.

From start to finish she took about 15 minutes which I thought was pretty impressive for her first climb. I have to admire someone who takes on such a challenge. As I have gotten older just going for a hike on a path in the woods is challenging enough for me!



Week 29 #1 At A Distance

When we visit our daughter in Colorado Springs a trip to Garden of the Gods is often on our list of places to visit. The beautiful red sandstone formations are so fasinating and I always find something different to see and explore when we walk or drive through the park. If you haven’t been there add it to your bucket list of places to visit. Around every twist and turn of the pathways or roads through the 480 acre park you will find beautiful views that just take your breath away. We were fortunate on this day to have clear skies and moderate temperatures to do our exploring. Over the next several weeks I will share some of the shots I took that day, how fortunate I am they fit so many of the themes for our challenge!

The first shot is taken from an overlook spot before entering the park. You can see Pikes Peak and all its glory in the background. The stone formations in the foreground are a popular attraction in their own right. In the second shot you can see what appear to be two camels kissing on the left side of the formation. Thus the name Kissing Camels. There are beautiful homes in near by neighborhoods that see this view daily. How lucky they are!




Week 28 #8 Differences

While going through my photos I found this one I shot while shopping one day at the grocery store. There are so many great opportunities to shoot great photos at the grocery store, especially the produce section! I couldn’t pass this display by without taking a few shots. Two fruits who grow on trees, are used in so many ways, loved or hated by thousands of people but, are so different. Not only do they taste different,their bright yellow and green color really show off their diffences.


Even though I moved a few of the fruit around to prep for my shot, it looks like I missed at least one of those pesky tags. After I start experimenting with photo shop maybe I will post a revised photo.