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Week 15 #5 Butterflies And/Or Bees


Many of my fellow bloggers have shared how difficult a time they had taking photos of butterflies and bees. I too had some difficulty getting both of them to stay in one place long enough to get a decent shot! I made two trips to Shelby Gardens in Sarasota to visit the butterfly garden just hoping to catch the perfect shot, with no luck. When we were in Colorado visiting our daughter I finally had some success. Bees were plentiful in my daughters yard flying from one purple cornflower to another. While looking at the Chihuly glass exhibit at Denver’s Botanical Gardens,IMG_3344IMG_3419 butterflies seemed to be everywhere. I was able to take quite a few shots of this Monarch before it closed its wings. Just for fun I decided to include a bee and butterfly that my grandson colored. They were sure a lot easier to photograph! IMG_3775IMG_3776


Author: CarolynEliason

I have always enjoyed photography, but with encouragemet from family and friends over the past several years I began to realize I really love it! Belonging to this blog and a local digital photo group has challenged me to look at the beauty of the world and to enjoy capturing it with my camera.

15 thoughts on “Week 15 #5 Butterflies And/Or Bees

  1. Very pretty!

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  2. Carolyn, your photos continue to be really wonderful. I especially like your shot of the bee on the purple coneflower. And your grandson created a pretty darned cute bee and butterfly also. Mary

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  3. It was so nice of you to include your grandson’s contribution to this week’s theme. I know he will be happy to see his artwork displayed on your blog.

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  4. Great job! I like you grandson’s pictures too. He did very well.

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  5. Aw, I love the drawings…so cute! Good photos of the real deal, too.

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  6. well done and love the inclusion of your grandson’s artwork.

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  7. Beautiful Butterflies. I like your grandson’s pictures too! You put a lot of thought and effort into this! Godd results.

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  8. Indeed — you were quite successful on all counts — nice pictures!

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  9. The handmde I ages are priceless!

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  10. It should say the hand made images are priceless!!

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  11. Nice collection of photos!

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  12. Really love the butterfly on the red flower. I am one who struggles to capture these flighty creatures (but, I think it’s me that has trouble staying in one place as much as them!). Love your grandson’s drawings, too.

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  13. I Love the vibrant colors in each capture, and of course those precious drawings…priceless!

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  14. Great shots and great ideas.

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