52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 18 #10 Family Table

If you have a coffee table most likely it is used for more than holding coffee. I was curious where the term coffee table came from, so with a little searching on the internet the origin of the coffee table came from tea tables that were very popular throughout Europe dating back to the early 17th century. They were tall round tables that sat beside a chair or in front of a group setting to which a tea service would be placed to serve family or guests. No one knows for certain when our modern day coffee table came into existence, however J.Stuart Foote, President of the Imperial Furniture Company claims to have invented the first coffee table.
One would think the low tables the Japanese culture has used for centuries would hold true bragging rights. IMG_4287

My family coffee table has been used in numerous ways and sports many scratches and scars of long years of use. On Thanksgiving evening it became the battleground for a card game known as spoons.



Week 17 #27 Musical

IMG_3563While visiting my daughter and her family I was able to capture my grandson practicing his violin. He has been taking lessons for several years now and I always enjoy hearing him play. The piano is a 1930’s Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand piano. It is called a Butterfly because the top opens up on both sides instead of one side like a traditional Baby Grand. The piano was given to me when my children were young and became interested in playing. Two of my three played for quite a few years. My daughter was thrilled to receive it when we moved to a smaller home. The gentleman who used to tune it for me said he had only seen one other like it in his lifetime but it was white. It has a real art deco feel to it and is a great conversation piece!


Week 16 #43 Solitary

Returning from the harrowing drive to take photos of the Hogback Covered Bridge, which were posted on Week 6, I noticed a one room rural school house along side the road. Getting out of the car and approaching it I felt like I had stepped back in time. I have seen many restored one room school houses in my day, but this one really struck me how isolated it was. There were very few farm houses near by and the road by it was quite hilly at times. Growing up my father told many stories of his younger years living on a farm in northern Iowa and walking a mile with his siblings to attend school in a one room school house. Unfortunately many of the old schools have not survived so it was a real treat to see this one still standing and also restored. I decided to include a shot of the school and of the plaque to cover my bases on the historical side of the school. (I seem to be big on including plaques!) The school would have been constructed from local stone found in Madison County. Many historical homes and barns in Madison County are built with this same type of stone. There were many options to fill the solitary theme all around me, the school, an old water hand pump, a blue bird house on the barbed wire fence, a unique metal gate, but my main choice was the outhouse sitting out back. Most homes as you know had them until modern plumbing came along. In fact many parks still have them. I don’t think you have lived until you have experienced using one either in the middle of a cold night or a steamy hot day. An experience you never forget! I’m not sure when toilet paper was invented but, my dad always told me they used old Sears and Roebucks catalogues to do their business. The nice thing about using the catalogues wasIMG_2816IMG_2823IMG_2827 they provided reading material if you really wanted to “get away from the hustle and bustle inside the house”. I would imagine there were many a husband or wives too for that matter who enjoyed the solitude the outhouse provide. A smelly retreat but no doubt a welcome one at times!


Week 15 #5 Butterflies And/Or Bees

Many of my fellow bloggers have shared how difficult a time they had taking photos of butterflies and bees. I too had some difficulty getting both of them to stay in one place long enough to get a decent shot! I made two trips to Shelby Gardens in Sarasota to visit the butterfly garden just hoping to catch the perfect shot, with no luck. When we were in Colorado visiting our daughter I finally had some success. Bees were plentiful in my daughters yard flying from one purple cornflower to another. While looking at the Chihuly glass exhibit at Denver’s Botanical Gardens,IMG_3344IMG_3419 butterflies seemed to be everywhere. I was able to take quite a few shots of this Monarch before it closed its wings. Just for fun I decided to include a bee and butterfly that my grandson colored. They were sure a lot easier to photograph! IMG_3775IMG_3776


Week 14 #39 Shot Through Glass

Since moving here last year we have been renting a home until the “perfect house” came along. This summer our wishes were granted when one came on the market and we snatched it up. Our closing was on Thursday and we will move next week. I am a quilter so a room just for “me” is always a priority! This photo shows the view I have enjoyed while sewing. I especially love IMG_3898looking through the sailboat stainglass hanging in the window. It belonged to my in laws and when my father in law died recently we received it. A beautiful reminder of times spent with them in their home in Anchorage, Alaska.