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Week 9 #14 Four Letter Word

Back to Harding Circle Park aka. St. Armands Circle for this weeks theme. Since 1987 people who have made a significant contribution to the art and culture of the circus have been honored with a bronze wagon wheel plaque in the “Ring of Fame” surrounding the park. Each year honorees are nominated by the public and voted on by former inductees. Among the circus greats are clown Emmett Kelley, animal trainer Gunther Gebel-Williams, P.T. Barnum and John Ringling who brought the circus to Sarasota. As you can see from the photoIMG_2574

IMG_2576 different figures surround the plaque that depict the circus and in the center is a “STAR”.



Week 8 #A2. Circles

I was planning on going with a totally different theme for this week, but had this amazing idea yesterday when we met my nephew from Hawaii in Denver at the Rock Bottom Restaurant with my daughter and her family. Looking up above our table at the exposed heating and cooling ductwork, the blower vent just called out to me, CIRCLES! After straightening, making it a B&W and using a couple of vignette settings I thought it turned into a really cool photo! What do you think??IMG_3352


Week 7 #15 Graveyard

Back in 1847 the Harper family, going by wagon train to California buried their 2 daughters on a plot of land that eventually became the private cemetery of the Huston family near what is now West Des Moines, Iowa. A stage route, run by J.B. Huston, that ran by the cemetery was abandoned in 1867 with the advancement of railroads. Through the ensuiung years roads began to form, to what we now call a round a bout, and the locals began to call it “The Cemetery in the Middle of the Road”. This cemetery has to be the most unique I have ever seen. I counted 18 partial or whole headstones. I have no doubt more people are buried there, but with time the stones have crumbled and returned to the earth. Reading a recent article via the internet there are rumors circulating that the roads may be moved because fast or unfamiliar drivers are continually drivingIMG_2782


IMG_2786 into the cemetery. A sign posted with the history of the cemetery was destroyed in one of the accidents and has never been replaced. Being there I had difficulty feeling a sense of peace one might normally feel in a cemetery because of the constant sounds of traffic all around. I only felt sadness when we pulled away in our car and left behind “The Cemetery in the Middle of the Road”.


Week 6 #6 Bridges

Most people who live in Iowa make at least one trek to visit the “Bridges of Madison County”. If that sounds familiar to you, the love story book written by Robert James Waller was made into a movie in 1995 starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. The movie was filmed in Madison County near and around the Roseman Covered Bridge. While back in Iowa a few weeks ago my husband and I spent several hours driving around to capture photos to use for upcoming themes. We were headed to Roseman Bridge but because of heavy rains decided to forgo that trip and head to a closer bridge. Following signs from the main paved road we travelled 2 miles on gravel roads. Now, if you have never driven on gravel roads after several inches of rain in a rental car without front wheel drive, you may not be very sympathetic, but needless to say we experienced several precarious driving experiences. Finally around a gradual curve we IMG_2793


IMG_2800spied Hogback Covered Bridge to the right before crossing a more modern bridge. 3 women where there shooting photos and meandering around so we waited for them to leave before I started snapping away. The sounds of the birds, bugs and the water flowing through the river below provided us with peaceful melodies while we explored the bridge. What the plaque shown doesn’t tell you, is there were 19 bridges built in Madison County and only 6 remain. The bridges when built were covered because it was cheaper to replace the roofs and sides than the heavy beams of the actual bridge. They all have been reconstructed at some point and are repaired when needed. Every year in October a Covered Bridge Festival is held in Winterset, the county seat. People travel from world wide to attend and take guided tours of the bridges.