52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 5 #2 Below The Knees

I have treated myself to monthly pedicures for almost 15 years. If you have never had one, you don’t know what you are missing! So when I saw the Below The Knees Theme I knew what I would be photographing. OPI’s “Flashbulb Fuchsia” is my favorite color! I gave my husband a gift certificate for a pedicure when he turned 50. He reluctantly went to please me and got hooked too, minus the polish of course! IMG_2700



Week 4 #44 Someone Working

I joined the Sarasota Friendship Knot Quilters Guild earlier this year and was excited to learn at the August 18th meeting we would be having a sew in to make pillowcases that would be donated to the organization ConKerr Cancer. I am familiar with ConKerr Cancer because my quilt guild in Des Moines IA. regularly donated pillowcases to this amazing organization. ConKerr Cancer collects and distributes pillowcases to children who are being hospitilazed for cancer treatment. At the sew in members donated fabric, cut, pinned, ironed and sewed over 120 pillowcases. It was a fun evening and I know all the children who receive the pillowcases will enjoy them as much as we did making them! To learn more about ConKerr Cancer check out their web site http://www.conkerrcancer.org/





Week 3 #23 Lamp Posts


I was all ready to post another photo today until my husband and I ate dinner at St. Armand’s Circle last evening and spent time exploring the central park named Harding Circle. This lamp post is one of eight found in the park. Doing a little research on line, I discovered Ken Thompson Sarasota’s long-time city manager, while visiting San Simeon, the California estate of William Randolph Hearst, happened upon lighting fixtures around the pool. He brought the idea back to Sarasota. A Tampa company cast the double-headed statue in caryatid (a supporting column carved in the shape of a person) style based on a limestone relief of the Greek head “Winged Victory” at the Ringling Museum. The lamps were installed at strategic spots around the park in the mid 1960’s.

We also discovered a large plaque which explained the history of the island and its ties to John Ringling. Instead of me writing a detailed description I am also posting a picture of it. Happy Reading!:)



Week 2 #4 Bright Idea


This Fantasy Fish is not only bright, but it is a “Bright Idea” by the “arts of palms” artist. My son in Iowa is co-founder of Goodsmiths an on-line web site designed for artists or crafters to sell their art. The art available at “arts of palms” is one of my favorite shops. The fish is made entirely from materials collected from Florida Key palm trees. When another son and his family moved to Florida before we did last year I ordered 3 fish as house warming gifts. One of my first purchases when we followed them in November were two fish, this one is my favorite. It just makes me smile every time I look at it. If you want to check out this fish and others check out their site. They will make you smile too! 🙂 https://www.goodsmiths.com/arts-of-palm


Week 1 #36 Right Place At The Right Time


I stepped outside last evening when I began to hear thunder and watched the storm clouds gathering from the east. Hoping to get some good shots of the approaching storm to be used for one of the photo themes, I clicked away. I have never experimented with the manual setting so I just left it on the auto setting. Imagine my surprise when I was able to catch lighting deep in the thunder clouds. Thought this photo fit the theme to a T.


52 Week Photo Challenge

I have had an interest in photography for about 10 years, concentrating on close up shots, posting many photos on Facebook, making note cards of flowers for friends and publishing books for family. After reading about the 52 Week Photo Challenge in the East County Observer a local paper, I decided signing up was just the jump start I needed to further my skills. I am excited to try something new and look forward to the whole process. Blogging is especially new to me, in fact a little intimidating, but know I need to start somewhere! I hope you will enjoy looking at my photos as much as I have had taking them. 🙂