52 weeks with Carolyn

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Week 38 #25 Intentional Camera Movement

While photographing the Naples FL. pier one evening an “Intentional Camera Movement” occurred to save myself and tripod from an incoming wave.  After adding a little of this and a little of that I ended up with a colorful dreamy abstract image.




Week 37 #19 From Where I Stood

In early March a friend and I spent part of an afternoon photographing several Burrowing Owls in Cape Coral, FL.  I say several because, literally that is all we were able to photograph.  The day was very windy and cold which kept the little guys hunkered down in their warm and cozy nests that are underground.  This owl was unique for three reasons.  It was the only one who stood outside of the nest,  it was banded twice on both legs and its eyes were dark and mottled.  Burrowing Owls have beautiful distinct yellow green eyes.  From where I stood even though we had only a few willing subjects to photograph, I was glad to get a chance to see this unique Burrowing Owl.


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Week 36 #7 Blue Hour

The blue hour is a period of twilight in the morning and in the evening when the sun is below the horizon. The indirect existing sunlight takes on a blue shade.

I joined a group from my photo club Tuesday evening along the water of Sarasota Bay.  We had a beautiful evening to work on long exposures during the blue hour.



Week 35 #26 Isolated Object(s)

Earlier this month while traveling to Baldwin, LA. with some friends, we stopped at the San Francisco Plantation in Garyville, LA.  The large house was built in 1856 along the Mississippi River by Valsin Marmillion for his wife Louise von Seybold and their children.  A large sugar plantation and mill occupied the large estate at that time.  Today all that remains are the house, restored slave cabin and school house along with several administrative buildings.  Marathon Petroleum Company now owns the property.

Under the large expansive porch sat one isolated rocking chair which provided a good subject for this theme, “Isolated Object(s)”.





Week 34 #27 My Favorite Place

For at least 2 weeks in March, my family has been gathering on Sanibel Island, FL. since the late 80’s.  It is by far “My Favorite Place” to visit and stay.  I never grow tired of the view, walking the beach, looking for shells, relaxing in the sunshine and hearing the surf come in.  Even though I now call Florida home and can visit beaches closer to home, they don’t compare to the beach right outside our waterfront condo.  Phone photo,  so excuse the noise in the beautiful blue sky. 😊



Week 33 #18 Forms In Nature

Last week I attended a workshop led by Roman Kurywckak at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples, FL.  While our main focus was photographing birds, I spotted this interesting pattern formed by a Ficus aurea aka Strangler fig.  A quick search on google and I discovered there are 10 species of Ficus, two of which are native.  The Strangler fig will eventually kill the tree it wraps around and is only found in Florida.



Week 32 #2 A Stranger

I meet Corinne while traveling with a group of friends to participate in a Church Work Trip in Baldwin, LA.  She was our waitress at Rotolo’s Pizzeria and didn’t hesitate when asked to pose for a photo so I could fulfill “A Stranger” theme.  While visiting with her we discovered she was a Senior in High School and was planning on attending Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia in the fall to major in Pharmaceutical Medicine.  She was just the sweetest, smart and polite young woman.  We all agreed she would definitely fulfill her dream and make a wonderful Pharmacist.