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Week 30 #3 Abandoned

Of all God’s creatures I have to say the Black Vulture is not the most liked or attractive bird.  Here in Florida they are always present either soaring high in the sky searching for their next meal or on the ground devouring it.  On the day I snapped a shot of this one it  had just finished eating a fish.  Vultures can be very ferocious birds and more than likely stole the fish from one of the other “beautiful” birds nearby.  Shortly after I took the photo it abandoned the fish and went off in search of another tasty meal.  _MG_5581



Week 29 #39 Shot with 50mm

Earlier this week I joined a neighbor and her friends for Tea at Seagate the Crosley Estate in Sarasota.  During a few weeks in the winter months the Estate holds the Teas to raise funds to provide continued restorations.  The Seagate was constructed in 1929 by Powel Crosley, Jr. a Multi Millionaire from Ohio.  Amazingly the home was constructed in 72 nine hour work days.

We were fortunate enough to be seated on the outdoor second floor lanai with an amazing view of the Sarasota Bay waterfront.  I only brought a 50mm lens, also known as The Nifty Fifty, mounted on my camera to see what shots I could capture.  We were close to this table and I really like the depth of field and clarity it captured.



Week 28 #22 I Love You

With Valentine’s Day approaching next week I thought I would choose the I Love You theme for this weeks post.  Nothing says “I Love You” in the world of birds than bringing home nesting materials.  I captured this male and female pair of Great Blue Herons at the Venice Rookery taking turns searching for and returning with branches of all sizes to add to the nest.



Week 27 #38 Serenity In Nature

A trip to Selby Gardens in Sarasota always provides me with abundant photographic opportunities.  Like all gardens, Selby changes with each visit depending on the time of year.  On a trip in late summer, I found numerous Swallowtail butterflies floating from one flower to another.  One of God’s greatest gifts of “Serenity In Nature”.



Week 26 #52 Zig Zag

I am a quilter and have enjoyed making numerous projects since the early 1980’s.  Boy is that dating me!  I have a fun bright table runner I made for our kitchen table last year.   While working on the computer one day last week I realized this theme had been staring me in the face for weeks.  I used a double zig zag stitch to quilt it.  Funny how the obvious choice had eluded me!



Week 25 #31 Outside Looking In

Tulips have begun to arrive in the floral shop tempting us with the anticipation of the warmer temperatures of Spring.  But, alas it is still January and here in Florida our temperatures have been unseasonable low hovering in the 50’s during the day and 30’s at night.  One of the tulips in a bouquet I purchased last week provided a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill the theme “Outside Looking In”.



Week 24 #29 On The Edge

I seem to have an affinity for choosing animals in this blog and my Mono blog this year.  I haven’t been out exploring and photographing much lately so I am drawing from past files.  I really must get out more!!

Last fall while at the Lowry Zoo in Tampa, I watched a young elephant approach a man made pond.  He/she is half in and half out “On The Edge” enjoying the spray of the small waterfall.