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August-Natures Beauties Eliason Style#4

Dendrobium Orchid

I have had this type of Orchid for several years and was never able to get it to produce flowers after the initial blossoms faded.  After repotting and moving it into an area that got more direct sunlight, it exploded. According to care instructions I saw online, it prefers cool temperatures and not direct sun. My plant has broken all the rules and I enjoy it everyday.



August-Natures Beauties Eliason Style #1

This homegrown pineapple fully ripened about a month after I took this photo.  I now have four plants growing after cutting it up and repotting the top.  Pineapple plants are so easy to grow here, however a plant typically takes 18 to 24 months to produce the fruit.  By the way, it was delicious and enough for my husband and me to enjoy with two meals.