52 weeks with Carolyn

A Theme Based Photo Blog


Week 38 #13 Starburst

I really didn’t enjoy the evening I chose to fulfill this theme.  Evening photography isn’t a favorite thing of mine for several reasons.  First, its dark! LOL It isn’t easy to see what you are doing, changing the settings on the camera is a challenge, and most especially this time of year it is hot and muggy, so my camera lens fog up and the mosquitos love me.  I talked my husband in to driving me to a place I thought would produce the perfect image to photograph.  I was in trouble the minute I stepped out of the car.  I forgot my small flashlight and most importantly, bug spray, so I was miserable trying to get that perfect photo while waiting for my camera lens to un-fog. I finally gave up, drove home, set up my camera and tripod in front of my house and click, click click.  It didn’t matter that this photo was destined to not ever get an award, I got my starbursts times ten and can check off one more theme completed.





Week 36 #17 Twilight

My oldest grandchild graduated from high school a few weeks ago.  The ceremony was held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall located on Sarasota Bay.  After the ceremony, friends and family gathered along the shoreline to capture some memorable moments with their special student.  While waiting our turn, I mentally clicked through the themes I still needed to fulfill and the timing was perfect to capture a “Twilight” photo of the Ringling Causeway Bridge crossing the bay.




Week 35 #19 Geometric Shapes

My husband and I spent part of Memorial Day playing tourists.  We have lived in the Sarasota area over 5 years and still find many areas that we have never explored.  To reach our lunch side destination along the Manatee River, you walk along a long pier past numerous fishing boats, yachts and sailboats.  To fulfill this weeks chosen theme I noticed the safety railings on many of the boats were in the shape of a parallelogram.



Week 34 #1 Zoom Burst

This weeks theme choice “Zoom Burst” was a little challenging.  To achieve this result I chose a colorful pillow as my subject.  My camera was mounted on a tripod, the camera set on Manual mode, with the Aperture at f.8 and Shutter speed at 1/4 second.  I zoomed in to focus on the center of the pillow before pressing the shutter button down while simultaneously zooming the camera out.  I like the abstract quality of the finished results.



Week 32 #33 Water Drop

I have always enjoyed having house plants and particularly if they are easy to care for.  A real plant in a room adds a touch of color and helps to purify the air.  The pothos variety are one of the easiest plants to add to any room.  They can thrive in low light, require little watering and are easy to root to make new plants.  Often times after I have watered them, later in the day a drop of water will appear on the end of a leaf.